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Your Stories

Inspiring Journey

Looking back at 10 years of service at SPH, I am grateful for the many opportunities and the great mentors I have had throughout multiple research-funded grants.

Luis Gomez

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I have fond memories of Dr. Jennifer Peck, Dr. Sue Carozza, learning SAS, GIS analysis and Infectious Disease Epidemiology from Dr. Gary Holmes.

Michelle Weiss

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Real Life Experiences

I've become very close with my cohort-turned-public-health-professionals, especially Fabiola Sanchez, Oscar Hernandez, and Louis Blair. Watching my peers succeed have been fantastic.

Julia Bai

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Never Look Back

After much delving on what major could impact the most people, I decided to plant my feet in a major and brave the storm - public health.

Kirk Niekamp

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Saying "Yes"

I would like to thank Dr. Tommy McDonald for believing in me from the very beginning - without him my life would not be where it is today.

Heather Reddick Schaefer

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Forever Thankful

I am forever thankful for the education I received at SPH, and the opportunities that I gained from attending a great institution.

Daphne Lynch

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SPH Aggies Unite!

"We are thankful for the solid public health foundation SPH provided and are excited that the tradition continues with new students that we can cheer on!"

Aisha Souri

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Fast Friends

Having a background in public health allowed both physicians to profoundly understand the impact of social factors on the patient population they served.

Dr. Leslie Rafanan and Dr. Mohamed Zebda

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Dynamic Interactions

As a current medical student, I hope to impart the motivational, dynamic, and inclusive teachings I learned at SPH to help enhance the care of my future patients.

Ajay Balasubramanyam

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Serving Community

My career has been a winding road, but ten years after graduating I finally have my dream job at the CDC as a research epidemiologist in the Division of HIV Prevention.

Jessica Keralis

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Intership to Career

I love that I get to work on issues that make Texas a healthier place for kids and their families. I like to say good policy can change lives, but good health policy can save lives.

Diana Forester (Hamil)

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One of my favorite memories was the Thanksgiving party with friends from SPH. Dr. Ciro Sumaya and Dr. Robert Ohsfeldt were my favorite professors.

Wei-Chen Lee

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Sagar Jani

My favorite memory at SPH was late night group projects in the computer lab at SPH, which always included pizza! I will be forever grateful to everyone at SPH for shaping my career.

Sagar Jani

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Forever Mentor

Through Dr. Sharkey and my team of mentors, I learned more about myself. I gained the skills and experience to do the kind of research that would make a difference for families and communities like mine.

Cassandra Johnson

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Advancing Academically and Professionally

My time at SPH changed my life because I was given an opportunity to receive a great education, show through my exams that I could perform well, and with the degree earned finally become an epidemiologist.

Eric Garza

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No Air Conditioning and DQ

I learned here that my work is not only about fancy buildings in urban areas, but serving people and stretching resources for those without!

Dr. Andrea Boudreaux

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All of us remote students are very grateful for [the faculty members] going above and beyond to make our degrees possible. Their dedication is yet another reason the school is such a success!

Mark Clardy

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Multiple Buildings

My time at SPH changed my life because I had NO IDEA that public health could be so interesting and life-changing for so many people. So thankful to be a part of this school as an alumni and board member now!

Raschel York

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Keeping In Touch

I graduated from SRPH in 2001, and I still keep in touch with probably half my classmates. It was a great time of learning and professional growth under great leaders.

Brian Petter

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Amazing People

I will always remember my time at SPH as pivotal in my growth as a person and professional. My ideas were strengthened and my value as a healthcare researcher increased monumentally.

Shea Roy

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Meeting My Wife

During my time there I learned a lot, made friends that I still keep in touch with, and most importantly met my future wife. My education at SPH opened many doors and led me to a career in healthcare quality.

Billy Spencer

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Wells Fargo and the FBI?

I remember my first day of classes at SRPH back in 2001 when the classes were in the Wells Fargo Bank building.

Carol Davis

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My Favorites

What student groups were you involved in? Chancellor's Advisory Student Board, TAMPSHA, APHA, I helped plan and organize a bunch of the school's social gatherings and had a blast!

Clarisa Medina

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We were first!

We were the first... As the inaugural class of students in the newly formed School of Rural Public Health, we experienced many "firsts". Perhaps the most memorable experiences are tied to being first and the relationships we built with our faculty.

Jennifer Griffith

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It is hard to believe, but the upcoming academic year marks our 25th anniversary as a school! You are an important part of our history, and we would like to showcase your memories and stories of your time at the School of Public Health on our 25th anniversary website.

As an alumni, faculty, staff member or PHriend of the Texas A&M School of Public Health (SPH), you are a part of our Aggie PHamily. Please click on the link below and complete the form to tell us your Public Health story by sharing photos and memories.  If submitting group photos, please identify as many people as you can.

The best memories and photos will be featured on the 25th anniversary website. Please go to 25th Anniversary Stories to submit your story and photo.  Please be sure to submit a photo of yourself along with any stories so we can post your personal photo along with your story and other photos.

Some ideas to stimulate your memories:

  • When were you at the SPH?
  • What student groups were you involved in?
  • What are you doing now?
  • What is your favorite memory of your time as a student?
  • Who was your favorite professor or mentor during your time at SPH?
  • How did your time at SPH change your life?
  • An email will be sent when the website goes live.  The website will also include significant events we are hosting to celebrate our first 25 years.


Kerry W. Noack, Ph.D., ’04
25 th Anniversary Chair