Established in 1998 in order to address the public health needs of Texas — particularly rural and underserved populations — the Texas A&M School of Public Health has attained national and international distinction and recognition.

Our Programs

The Texas A&M School of Public Health offers six degree options and more than 15 department specific programs.

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At the school, our professors care about impacting the community with their research as well as their students. Professors have research projects ranging from emergency preparedness to community health development.

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Students use faculty as advisers, and each student participates in a practicum during their stay. Students have conducted epidemiologic studies, assisted in programs/centers of faculty, and many others have served as interns in Texas and abroad.

Your Degree, Your Plan

Public health is a diverse, interdisciplinary field with careers in population health, emergency preparedness and response, global health, and health administration. No matter what you plan to pursue there is a place for you.

The Texas A&M School of Public Health offers the opportunity to take control of your educational experience with a variety of research projects, practicum options and diverse class offerings.

The School of Public Health is committed to improving health by seeking to improve the conditions for all populations in Texas, the United States, and globally, through excellence and selfless service.

There are several campuses students can attend including College Station, McAllen, Houston, as well as a Distance Education program. Each has its own unique educational programs and community.

map of School of Public Health campus locations

Why the Texas A&M School of Public Health?

  • Bureau of Labor statistics forecasts the addition of 15.6 million public health jobs by 2022
  • Small class size leads to individualized learning environment
  • Ranked in the Top 25 Public Health Graduate Schools by U.S. News & World Report
  • Ranked No. 1 in the nation in newly certified associates in ergonomics
  • Diverse student body and inclusive, friendly community