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Faculty Research Interests

Environmental & Occupational Health Faculty

Name Teaching Area Research Interest
Benden, Mark
Department Head EOH / Director of the Ergonomics Center / Associate Professor
Human Factors, Safety Engineering, Process Safety Management, and Ergonomics Worker sedentary behavior and obesity, healthy aging, the built-environment, classroom ergonomics and childhood obesity, medical device development and testing, artificial intelligence & machine learning for health and furniture design
Bokelmann, AnnaMarie Instructional Assistant Professor Environmental and Occupational Health, Environmental Training Program, Texas A&M   University System Texas Engineering Extension Service  
Carrillo, Genny
Associate Professor
Border Environmental Health Risk Management and Communication Public health and US-Mexico Border Health issues with a special interest in  interactions of human health and the environment, asthma in school children and home safety and healthy homes
Cizmas, Leslie
Instructional Assistant Professor
Basic Environmental Toxicology, MPH Public Health Capstone, Global Health Capstone Water reuse and sustainability; Occurrence and toxicity of drinking water contaminants; Health effects of complex mixtures; Chemical exposure assessment in underserved communities
Johnson, Natalie
Associate Professor
Environmental & Occupational Diseases, Environmental Health & Toxicology, Mechanisms of Disease Prevention Environmental carcinogens; Environmental health disparities; Exposure to foodborne (aflatoxins) and environmental carcinogens (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons); Chemoprevention; Development of biomarkers of exposure to traffic-related air pollution; Prenatal exposure to air pollution and associated epigenetic changes; Dietary interventions to prevent environmentally-induced asthma; Population-based animal models of allergic airway disease.
Maddock, Jay
  Flourish @ TAMU. Health, Wellness, and Physical Activity, DietSocial-Ecological Approaches to Increasing Physical Activity; Nutrition, Tobacco Use, and Global Health.
McDonald, Thomas
Regents Professor
Environmental   Measurements/Chemistry Environmental chemistry, petroleum geochemistry, and general organic chemistry
Mendoza-Sanchez, Itza
Assistant Professor
  Mathematical and Experimental Models for Assessing Transport; Organics Trapped and absorbed in Soils as a Source Zone of Groundwater Contamination; Water Balance Modeling. Environmental Engineering. Models of Contaminants in Groundwater. Antibiotics in Food Production & Groundwater. Antibiotic Resistance.
Ory, Marcia Regents & Distinguished Professor Public Health Interventions; Doctoral Seminars; Aging Aging and Health promotion; Chronic Disease Management; Health Technology; Community Engagement; Translational research.
Peres, S. Camille
Associate Professor
Human Factors, Research Methods, Alternative Displays Biomechanics of Human-computer interactions, Design guidelines for auditory displays, and usability of home health care technology. worker safety, human factors, human systems integration, human systems engineering, ergonomics, procedures, engineering psychology, occupational safety.
Pickens, Adam
Instructional Assistant Professor
Occupational Safety; OSHA General Industry 30-hr Certificate; Industrial Hygiene; Occupational Ergonomics/Biomechanics Ergonomic tool development; Occupational safety screening/tool development, Upper extremity modeling; Manual materials handling, and Occupational biomechanics
Sharma, Virender
Environmental, Physical, Analytical Chemistry Iron-Based Oxidants (Ferrates and Ferrites), Kinetics and Mechanism of High-Valent Transition Metals, Advanced Oxidation Methods, Solar-Based Photoactive Materials in Water Treatments, Green Synthesis of Nanoparticles, Formation,
Fate and Toxicity of Nanoparticles in the Aquatic Environment
Smith, Matthew
Associate Professor


Health Risk Behaviors Across the Life Course; Evidence-based Programming for Older Adults; Program Evaluation; Measurement; Survey Research Methodology

Epidemiology and Biostatistics Faculty

Name Teaching Area Research Interest
Clendenin, Angela
Instructional Assistant Professor
Science Writing, Risk Communication, Disaster Epidemiology, Leadership Risk Communication, Decision Analysis, Emergency Management/Emergency Communications, Cultural and Social Influences on Communication and Decision Making, Communications Measurement and Assessment
Dupont-Reyes, Melissa
Assistant Professor
Epidemiology study design and methods, Mental health epidemiology, Social epidemiology, Health disparities research, Epidemiological studies among Latina/o/x populations

Childhood Violence Victims and Psychological and Developmental Repercussions of Childhood Violent Crimes or Events. Spanish Media and Health Outcomes
Fischer, Rebecca
Assistant Professor
Epidemiology of Infectious Disease Zoonotic, Vector-borne, Parasitic, & other Tropical Diseases. Defining Trends & Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases. Field Epidemiology and Rapid Epidemiologic Assessment & Response. Outbreak Epidemiology. Global health.
Gorman, Dennis
Research Integrity, Social Epidemiology Alcohol and drug availability and violence; Alcohol and drug prevention policies; System methodologies; Science and Pseudoscience in public health research.
Han, Daikwon
Associate Professor
Introduction to Epidemiology, Spatial Epidemiology, GIS and Public Health Spatial Epidemiology, GIS & Spatial Analysis Methods, Environmental Health/Exposure Science, Environmental Justice & Health Disparities, Healthcare Access, Population Studies/Spatial Demography
Han, Gang
Associate Professor
Statistical Theory, Clinical Trials, Translational Research, Personalized Medicine Clinical trials. Personalized cancer therapy. Survival analysis. Bayesian methods. Computer experiments.
Kalbasi, Shaida Instructional Assistant Professor  Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology, Social Epidemiology, Minority Population Epidemiology, Fundamentals of Epidemiology  Health Disparities, Women's Health, Quality of care for Immigrants, and Racial Minorities, Effect of Discrimination and Race Relations on Health outcomes
Roh, Taehyun
Assistant Professor
Data Management, Epidemiologic Methods, Global Health, Toxicology Arsenic and Water pollution of water supplies. Clean Water Access in Rural Populations. Toxicology and Environmental Health.
Taylor, Nicholas
Assistant Professor
Epidemiology Methods, Cancer Epidemiology Cancer Epidemiology.Molecular Aspects of Genomics of Melanoma/Cancer.
Xu, Xiaohui
Department Head Epi/Bio; Associate Professor
Epidemiological Methods, Exposure Assessment, Environmental Epidemiology Air pollution epidemiological studies, studying susceptible population to environmental exposures modified by genetics, pre-existing health conditions, and co-exposure to other factors, etc., maternal and child health, environmental exposure assessment, spatial epidemiology
Zhao, Hongwei
Statistical Inference, Linear Regression, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Survival Analysis Survival analysis and longitudinal data analysis, Quality-adjusted lifetime estimation, and cost-effectiveness analysis conducted with censored data, Problems arising from correlated data from longitudinal studies and multilevel epidemiological studies
Zheng, Qi
Biostatistics Mathematical Modeling of Biological Processes. Applied Statistical Processes. Application of Computer Algebra. Microbial Mutation Rates & Methods for Analysis.

Health Policy and Management Faculty

Name Teaching Area Research Interest

Andreyeva, Elena
Assistant Professor

  Spatial nature of healthcare market, Urban/regional/rural economics, Health insurance, Effects on policies of healthcare delivery, Risky health behaviors
Bolin, Jane
Health Law and Ethics, Regulatory Compliance, Doctoral Capstone, Directed Study, Management of Human Resources Health Law and Ethics, Regulatory Compliance, Cancer Screening & Prevention, Diabetes Self-Management, Chronic Disease Management, Interdisciplinary & Translational Research, Rural Health Research, Rural Healthy People 2020
Callaghan, Timothy
Assistant Professor
Health Politics, Health Policy Analysis, Research Methods Health Policy & Politics, Rural Health. State Level Decisions on Health Policy & Access to Care. Autism Policy & Politics - Regulations by State. Disability Policy. Motivations of Personal Issue to Public Policy Change. Other specific disease disparities. Surprise Medical Bills. Medicaid Work Requirement. Antibiotic Resistance.
Carrino, Gerard
Interim Department Head HPM; Instructional Professor
  Evaluation: Program, Process, Outcomes, Economic; Nonprofit Sector in Health Care; Health Care Philanthropy and the Social Sector; Prematurity, Birth Defects, Infant Mortality; Public Health Finance

Côté, Murray
Associate Professor

Healthcare Operations, Quality, Statistics Operational Analysis, Health Services Delivery Methods (Tele/Drone), Project Management in Rural Hospitals. Information Asymmetry in Doctor/Patient Encounters
Ferdinand, Alva
Assistant Professor
Public Health Law & Ethics Impact of laws and other policies relative to public health outcomes such as roadwaysafety, obesity, and access to care. Other interests include state and federal regulation of health care and community health development
Griffith, Jennifer
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs / Associate Professor
  Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response; Intervention Implementation, Management and Evaluation
Hatala, Jeffrey
Instructional Associate Professor
  Public health systems and service research; Rural health, health policy, and vulnerable populations; Nutrition, physical activity, obesity, and related conditions; Educational pedagogy, particularly around writing skills in health professions
Kash, Bita
Strategic Planning and Marketing I; Strategic Planning and Marketing II, Directed Study; MHA Capstone Course Organizational capacity for change and transformation; Success factors for change implementation in healthcare; Sources of competitive advantage in healthcare using Resource-Based View; Evaluation of integrated primary care physician networks; Health care staffing, quality, and cost; Staff mix, turnover and staff qualification;Relationship between cost of care, profitability and outcomes; Strategic management and decision making in nursing homes
Kum, Hye-Chung
Associate Professor
Data Science for Health Services Researchers; Health Information Technology; Retrospective Database Analysis for Health Policy and Management Data science for health care; population informatics; health informatics; health policy research and program evaluation using big data; decision support systems for health policy and management. Machine Learning.
Lin, Sherry
Instructional Assistant Professor
  Preventive Care Services; Disabilities Research; Vulnerable Populations
Ohsfeldt, Robert
Regents Professor
Introduction to Health Economics; Health Delivery Systems Financing; Directed Study Cost-Effectiveness and Cost Models; Economics of Health Behavior; Impact of Health Sector Regulation
Radcliff, Tiffany
Associate Dean for Research / Professor
Health Economics and research methodology Health economics, health policy, and health services research. Topical areas of interest have included improving quality of care in long-term care, access to care for rural and other underserved populations, improving care processes and outcomes, and economic evaluation
Schmit, Cason D.
Research Assistant Professor
  Law as a social determinant of health; Health information technology; Health information exchanges; privacy, confidentiality, and security of health information; public health reporting and surveillance; pharmacist's vaccination authorities
Ukert, Benjamin
Assistant Professor
  Affordable Care Act, Commercial Health Insurance, Health Care Organization, Health Care Delivery, Health Behaviors, Health Policy
Washburn, David
Assistant Professor
Strategic Planning and Marketing Global Health & Health Policy. Health Systems Analysis. Diffusion of Innovations. Decision-Making Behavior. Access to Care. Vulnerable/Invulnerable Behaviors and overcoming barriers. Border Issues.

Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences Faculty

Name Teaching Area Research Interest
Burdine, James
HPCHS Department Head / Professor
Community Health Development; Community Organization and Assessment; Community Health Status Assessment Measurement of factors influencing community capacity for population health improvement and community health development strategies, particularly community health needs assessment
Clark, Heather
Director of Public Health Practice / Research Associate Professor
  Building Community Capacity To Solve Problems. Grassroots Causes. Social Norms & Values, Partnerships with Community. Rural Access to Care. Physical & Mental Health. Diabetes & Opioid Abuse.
Colwell, Brian Professor
Social Ecology and Health Behavior; Seminar on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Adolescent smoking cessation; school health education; youth smoking prevention; adolescent mental health and substance abuse
Jones-McKyer, Ellisa
Senior Associate Dean for Climate & Diversity / Professor
  Minority health issues and health disparities; Parental influences on child health behaviors and outcomes; Socioecological factors of health behaviors; Publications 
Ma, Ping
Assistant Professor
  Maternal & Child Health Issues. Health Disparities in Vulnerable Populations. Smoking Cessation. Children's Injury Prevention.
Mier, Nelda  Instructional Assistant Professor   Chronic Disease Prevention; Quality of Life through Behavioral Change in Mexican Americans of all ages living in Texas-Mexico border region; Physical Activity Among Mexican Americans; Intervention Research to Enhance Physical Activity Patterns; Diabetes Prevention Among Children and Adults in Border Region; Promotoras Model (Community Health Workers) in Border Region

Sharkey, Joe

Social and Behavioral Research Methods; Program Evaluation; Mixed-Methods Research; Environment and Policy Assessment Food access and food choice in underserved areas, food insecurity and hunger, childhood obesity, and effects of structural and individual characteristics on nutrition, physical activity, and health outcomes, promotora empowerment, community-engaged approached to population health

Stasi, Selina Instructional Associate Professor

  Access to and physical activity promotion within underserved communities and communities of color, through community based research, asset mapping, and GIS analysis; Research regarding physician-based physical activity counseling, prescription and referral, and youth engagement and empowerment to combat disparities in physical activity and health; Linkages between community, clinic, and church, and the role public health practitioners play to leverage resources between them all