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Khaing Phoo ’22

Khaing Phoo ’22


Khaing Phoo ’22

Why did you choose Texas A&M’s School of Public Health? 

“When my parents moved to Texas, I decided to pursue my graduate degree there to be near them. In my interview with Mr. John Buckley, he made me feel welcomed, and I knew the program would help me grow and thrive. The professors seemed very interested in the students and helping them.” 

What has your experience been like in the program? 

“The professors are proficient in their skills but also care about their students. Even when classes were online at the beginning of the program due to the pandemic, the professors still reached out to us making sure we understood the material. I also enjoy the emphasis on teamwork because the profession we are going into requires it.” 

How do you feel this program has helped you prepare for a post-grad career? 

“Every course I am taking is not repetitive. They all have their own competencies, and the professors do a great job of fulfilling these competencies. The professors help with networking in making sure we are getting the connections and resources we need. I have grown both personally and professionally from the coursework and the connections I am making.” 

What level of support have you received while in your program? 

“A lot and on every level. With my classmates we are always reaching out to each other and offering help to one another. Mr. Buckley and Dr. Gerard Carrino have been so supportive of me.” 

What do you think of the coursework? 

“The program prepares us for the real world which is what I like about it. We work through scenarios and propose solutions to problems.” 

How do you feel you have changed, personally or professionally since the beginning of the program? 

“The way I approach things and my way of thinking has evolved. The classes and the internship opportunities have allowed me to see all aspects of health care. The classes have changed the way I think in how I approach situations.”

What advice would you give someone looking into A&M’s School of Public Health? 

“Take advantage of the resources that are available. There are also scholarships out there so apply for them.” 

What are your plans for the future? 

“I will be starting as an administrative fellow at UVA Health in Charlottesville, VA after graduation. My main goal of the fellowship is to learn and have more exposure in the industry in order for me to grow to become a well-rounded healthcare leader.” 

 What has been your favorite thing about the program?  

“The friends that I have made. Everyone in the cohort is caring and gives each other support.”

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