Office of Public Health Practice

The Office of Public Health Practice is an administrative and support entity within the Texas A&M School of Public Health with a mission to provide leadership in facilitating, promoting, and linking academic and practice partners in sustained public health and population health practice partnerships.   The vision of this office is to support the Texas A&M School of Public Health in becoming the preferred academic-practice partner for public and population health practice partnerships and service in Texas.

 The Office of Public Health Practice:

  • Facilitates partnerships with local, regional, state, and national public health stakeholders that engage faculty, staff and students in public health practice including:
    • practicum experiences
    • service-learning opportunities
    • class projects
    • practice-based research
  • Identifies and promotes practice opportunities to faculty, staff and students
  • Manages and reports on all practice-related activities within the school

Practicum Experience Information

-Information for Students and Faculty

-Information for Organizations and Preceptors

-Access the Practicum Experience Management System (PEMS)

Public Health Scholars Program

-PH Scholars Program

-PH Scholars "How To" Video

Office of Public Health Practice FAQs (Updated 3/23/2020)

Q: Does Texas A&M University (TAMU) have a centralized website for most questions related the impact of COVID-19?

 A: Yes. Please visit for the most up to date information regarding COVID-19 and Texas A&M University.

Q: Will TAMU-SPH still hold the Public Health Photo Contest during National Public Health Week in April?

 A: Yes. Even though we are moving to online courses and limiting people from being on campus, we will still hold the contest.  We will also be changing the format for announcing the winners to an online/Zoom meeting format. Watch for email updates from our office!

Q: Can I still earn Public Health Scholars points?

 A: Yes. If you participate in anything that would normally qualify for scholars points (ex: career services event via Zoom) just be sure to take a screenshot to submit with your milestone request. Approving points is much easier if you submit documentation of attendance at the time you request scholars points.


Q: Can I get an extension to complete my current practicum when this is all over? 

A: Yes, but we would prefer for you to try and complete your current practicum remotely if at all possible. If you have specific concerns, you should contact your practicum coordinator immediately.

Q: Can I still complete my practicum this summer?  

A: Yes. Check with your preceptor to see if there are options for remotely completing the practicum.

Q: Where can I see current practicum opportunities since we cannot go to campus to review those in the OPHP Practicum Box?

 A: Opportunities are now posted online here. You can also find the link to current practicum opportunities under Practicum Materials on the School of Public Health webpage

Q: Are deadlines for summer practica likely to change?

 A: Summer practicum deadlines still apply based on the final date for summer school registration – right now May 22nd. Your Department Practicum Coordinator may give a deadline ahead of this date to ensure you have ample time to get your work plan completed and register without incurring any late fees.


Q: My study abroad trip was cancelled. What should I do?

A: Visit Education Abroad’s Coronavirus Updates page for more information.

Q: Will I get a refund?

A: Yes, but please be patient as refunds are being processed through Education Abroad and this is a new situation for everyone. See link above for additional information.  In some cases a portion of your fees may have been only for SPH.  We are working on getting those returned as well.


 Q: I want to volunteer to help with COVID-19. Can I as a student? What should I do?

 A: We are currently working on getting approval for volunteer activities to assist with our partner organizations during COVID-19. We are hoping to have an update sometime during the week of March 23rd.  When we have more information on volunteer opportunities OPHP will send them out via email. 

If an organization has asked you to volunteer, please direct them to Dr. Clark for appropriate arrangements –