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Nima Khodakarami


Nima Khodakarami is a Ph.D. student in Health Services Research with an emphasis in Health Economics. His broad disciplinary interests span economics, statistics, and policy. Nima received his MBA in Strategic Management from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 2010, and his MSc in Applied Economics from Texas A&M University in 2016.

His research areas are the evaluation of interventions in insurance markets, and economics of healthcare delivery. In his research, he seeks to understand the effect of the ACA on the type of insurance status of individuals receiving inpatient care, and how ACA has affected physician flow and case-mix. His further research is focused on the access to and financing of health care in rural areas. Nima is the president of the AcademyHealth Student Chapter at Texas A&M University. He has previously served as a Research Fellow at the American Economic Association Summer Training Program. He is an associate member of the American Association for Cancer Research and a member of the American Society of Health Economists.