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MHA Curriculum

Our goal is to prepare students who have maximized their ability to succeed as health care leaders. There are generally two categories of students who enter our program. Some students have a lot of work experience either in health care or other fields and are returning to school in order to move to the next level within their organization. Other students have just completed their undergraduate education and have limited hands-on health care experience. Our MHA program can be a perfect fit for each:

Students who have health care work experience

Many people in this category will either continue to work full-time in their organizations during the course of their MHA studies or will want to move to another setting as quickly as possible. For those who need to work full-time during their graduate studies, we recommend the three-year program. If an individual does not plan on working full-time, the full-time program is a better fit.

Students who have limited health care work experience

New students entering our program directly from their undergraduate institution are encouraged to work within health care organizations in the Bryan-College Station area. We encourage students with no health care experience to work on a part-time basis to gain valuable experience that will make them more competitive for post-graduate opportunities such as administrative fellowships or entry-level positions in a wide range of health care settings.

We offer three program course sequences: