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Health & Wellness Committee

About the Committee

The SPH Health & Wellness Committee began in 2013 under the leadership of Dr. Marcia Ory and with representation from faculty, staff and students.

The mission of the SPH Health & Wellness Committee is to emphasize, encourage, and engage the School of Public Health community to make healthier lifestyle choices through individual and organizational change. 

The goal of the committee is to enhance health and wellness throughout the entire School of Public Health. This can best be accomplished through health promotion and disease prevention activities at multiple socio-ecological levels (e.g., individual, organizational, environmental, and policy).

Upcoming Events

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Administrative Team

Committee Members

At the end of each academic year, SPH Health & Wellness compiles an annual report of activities showcasing the School of Public Health and the community's involvement in chronic disease preventative lifestyle behaviors.

  • 2019-2020
  • 2018-2019