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Darby Johnson '22

Darby Johnson


Darby Johnson ‘22

Why did you choose the Texas A&M School of Public Health?

“I knew I wanted to go into the health field and attend a large university that would both offer many opportunities and have a well-known, trusted science program. My parents went to A&M and my grandparents worked at A&M, so I was comfortable trusting A&M’s School of Public Health with this part of my future. I got invited to be in the Broad Street program for freshmen, which included a trip to Berlin, Germany to study public health abroad. I come from a small hometown and have never really gotten to travel anywhere, so this was exciting for me.

What has your experience been like with A&M’s School of Public Health?

“It’s been great! It started off on a high note because in Broad Street I completed a research project that was entered into a competition. There’s no better way to start college than in a small class with the head of the program, Dr. Don Curtis, who got to know us and really cared about us making friends. Since then, I feel like I’ve had a leg up on school. Every college student knows that a class can really be made or broken by the professors that teach it. The professors at the School of Public Health are lovely, kind people who know what they’re talking about.”

What do you think of your coursework?

“My classes have given me a wide perspective when it comes to health and public health is a part of it all. I’ve learned the impact of public health on lawmaking, lobbying, creating regulations, emergency response and so much more. I want to know as much as possible to improve people’s health and to make a difference on higher levels. I like that I’ll be coming into the public health field with a broad perspective.”

What level of support have you received as a student in the School of Public Health?

“I’ve always thought that the advisors of public health are great because there’s only a couple of them and you can really get to know them. I hear horror stories about advisors in other colleges. Dr. Curtis has been wonderful in helping public health students find opportunities, get letters of recommendation, and he emails us about cool things we should get on board with. There have even been a few times after class where I have come up to a professor and talked about the lecture and offered a suggestion or two of what they could include more of, and they have incorporated my ideas. Overall, I have no complaints and only praise for all of the staff and faculty with the School of Public Health.”

What have you liked the very most about your program?

“When I walk out of class, I’ve learned something tangible, relatable and that I will use in the future. It’s a good feeling when you’re in class and you learn something that you’re going to remember because you know you’ll have that to bring to a discussion in the future. It’s just so cool to learn such tangible information that is related to your life, the news, and even things you hear your parents and friends talk about.”

What advice do you have for future students at the School of Public Health?

“If you’re interested in something in class, please talk to the professor about it. They will light up to hear that you are really interested and invested in what they’re lecturing about. Make friends in your classes because it’s always nice to get to know someone, especially for group projects you’ll do in your upper-level classes. You should go to class as attendance is probably a grade. And lastly, the advisors are nice so learn their names and feel free to reach out to them as often as you need to.”

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