Office of Research


Welcome to the Office of Research at the Texas A&M School of Public Health. The School of Public Health has a 20-year tradition of interdisciplinary research addressing public health challenges that impact local, state, national and global populations. The Office of Research strives to enhance the capacity of our researchers and students through support ranging from identifying research opportunities to post-award financial reporting and monitoring.

The School of Public Health is home to approximately 70 faculty researchers representing the five core disciplines of public health, with total annual research expenditures exceeding $7 million per year. Our researchers use interdisciplinary inquiry and innovative solutions to span a variety of salient topics including community and rural health, health policy and delivery, ergonomics, global and border health, informatics, environmental health, population health and aging, program evaluation, environmental toxins, research methodology and disaster preparedness and response. The range of research expertise and collaboration at the School of Public Health is reflected in the diversity of our six Board of Regents approved Centers and seven research Programs.

Students provide vital contributions to the school’s research. Most students are engaged in research activities through their course of study and/or employment opportunities. The Office of Research highlights student research each year as the sponsor of a student Poster Contest during Public Health Week and both a master’s and doctoral Student Research Excellence Award.

If you would like to discuss research activities at the School of Public Health and opportunities to collaborate, please contact our office.


Tiffany A. Radcliff, PhD
Associate Dean for Research

The Office of Research’s mission is to provide efficient and effective administration and support for the research activities of the faculty and staff of the School of Public Health. The Office of Research will undertake this mission through relationships internal to the school and other entities within the Texas A&M University System as well as those external to the System.