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Interim Department Head

Alva O. Ferdinand

Alva O. Ferdinand, DrPH, JD

Director, Southwest Rural Health Research Center
Associate Professor
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Health Policy and Management

Adam A. Alexander

Adam A. Alexander, DMD, PhD, EdD, MS, MHCM

Instructional Professor
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Elena Andreyeva

Elena Andreyeva, PhD

Assistant Professor
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Jane Nelson Bolin

Jane Nelson Bolin, PHD, JD, BSN

Associate Dean for Research, School of Nursing
Deputy Director, Southwest Rural Health Research Center
Regents Professor, The Texas A&M University System
Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management, School of Public Health
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 John J. Buckley, Jr.

John J. Buckley, Jr., MBA, FACHE

Professor of the Practice
Interim MHA Program Director
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Murray J. Côté

Murray J. Côté, PhD

Associate Professor
PhD Program Director
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 Jennifer Griffith

Jennifer Griffith, DrPH, MPH

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Instructional Professor
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Simon F. Haeder

Simon F. Haeder, PhD

Associate Professor
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Stephanie Kirkland

Stephanie Kirkland, PhD

Instructional Assistant Professor
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Hye-Chung Kum

Hye-Chung Kum, PhD

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Sherry Lin

Sherry Lin, PhD, MPH

Instructional Associate Professor
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Daniel Marthey

Daniel Marthey, PhD

Assistant Professor
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Robert L. Ohsfeldt

Robert L. Ohsfeldt, PhD

Regents Professor
PhD Program Co-Chair
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Tiffany A. Radcliff

Tiffany A. Radcliff, PhD

Sr. Associate Dean for Research
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Phillip D. Robinson

Phillip D. Robinson, MHA, LFACHE

Professor of the Practice
Health Policy & Management
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Cason Schmit

Cason Schmit, JD

Assistant Professor
Director, Program in Health Law and Policy
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Benjamin D. Ukert

Benjamin D. Ukert, PhD

Assistant Professor
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Justin Benzer

Justin Benzer, PhD

Research Associate Professor
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Rick Danko

Rick Danko, DrPH

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Nancy Dickey

Nancy Dickey, MD

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James Fish

James Fish, PhD, FACHE

Associate Director for Medical Services
Eric Ford

Eric Ford, PhD

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Chuck Huber

Chuck Huber, PhD

Associate Professor
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Christine Kaunas

Christine Kaunas, MPH

Executive Director for Interprofessional Education & Research
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Lisa McNair

Lisa McNair, CPA

Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, Hospice Brazos Valley
Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller, PhD

Director of Health Policy Research
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Emily Naiser

Emily Naiser, PhD

Project Manager
Zach Robison

Zach Robison

Sr. Manager, Clinic Operations - Heart and Vascular Center at Emory Healthcare
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Taylor Sexton

Taylor Sexton

Assistant Director of Federal Relations
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Faculty Emeritus

James Alexander

James Alexander, PhD

Faculty Emeritus
Larry Gamm

Larry Gamm, PhD

Regents Professor
Catherine Hawes

Catherine Hawes, PhD

Regents Professor
Michael Morrisey

Michael Morrisey, PhD

Faculty Emeritus
Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips, PhD

Regents Professor
Barbara Quiram

Barbara Quiram, PhD

Faculty Emeritus