Health Promotion & Communication

The mission of the Health Promotion & Communication work group is to train and empower the next generation of public health leaders to promote and communicate healthier lifestyles, a culture of health, and establish healthier workplaces and communities. 

The specific goals of this workgroup are as follows:

  • To assess the needs, and resources for health and wellness activities for the SPH and the community
  • To plan health, and wellness activities for the SPH and the community
  • To implement health, and wellness activities for the SPH and the community
  • To evaluate and measure the success of health, and wellness activities for the SPH and the community. 
  • To communicate (media), promote, and advocate for health and wellness 
  • To serve as a health and wellness resource for SPH and the community. 
  • To perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned including supports for other health and wellness activities or projects led by an SPH Faculty, staff, preceptor or program coordinator. 

Participation is based on: 

  1. Attending monthly work groups meetings (1 per month)
  2. Completing the following Activities/Tasks (based on the project; only 1) 
    1. Developing and Disseminating Media-related campaigns to promote health and wellness activities
    2. Planning, Implementing, and/or measuring the success of community/public health outreach events (ie. First Friday, Age Well Brazos, and volunteer opportunities) 

Committees within this work group will be generated. They are as follows: 

  1. Health Promotion Committee will plan, implement and/or measure the success of the following health & wellness events: (Trainings will be provided prior to initiation of responsibilities)
    1. First Friday (September)
    2. CPHA Age Well Brazos Event (September)
    3. Semester Stress Relief (November)
    4. Planning Lunch & Learn Speakers for the Spring (January-April ONLY) (** Program Coordinator will plan and conduct Fall Lunch & Learns)
    5. Healthy Eating Cooking Contest (February)
    6. National Public Health Week (NPHW) Events (April)
      1. World Fit Walk
      2. First Friday
      3. Any other NPHW Events (i.e. public health wall displays)
    7. Ambassador Celebration (April)
    8. Semester Stress Relief (April) 
  2. Communication Committee will be subdivided into the following teams to craft newsletters, flyers for events, and disseminate health & wellness activities via social media for the Work group. (Trainings will be provided prior to initiation of responsibilities)
    1. Newsletter Team 
      1. Using Mailchimp Software, this team will develop 3 triannual newsletters.
        1. 1st Triannual Newsletter (Emailed out: October/November)
        2. 2nd Triannual Newsletter (Emailed out: January/February)
        3. 3rd Triannual Newsletter (Emailed out: April/May)
      2. Flyer Team
        1. Using Canva, Piktochart or Microsoft Publisher, this team will develop flyers for H&W Events that the Health Promotion Committee Plans: 
          1. Lunch & Learnes
          2. Walks to the NG Juice Joint
          3. Semester Stress Relief
          4. Any other Health & Wellness Events
      3. Social Media Team
        1. Utilizing Hootsuite, a social media dissemination software, this team will disseminate all H&W Activities thru: 
          1. Facebook
          2. Twitter
          3. Instagram

Products to be submitted/produced*

Must Submit:

  1. A 2-3 minute Testimonial Video about your experiences as an HPC Ambassador. (to be posted on the website and uploaded on youtube)

And 1 of these:  

  1. A how-to manual for promotion of Health & Wellness events
  2. Documentation of the date, and name of the flyers, newsletters, or items developed to communicate Health & Wellness Events planned by the Health Promotion Committee
  3. Participation in Health & Wellness activities that are planned by the Health Promotion Committee 

*All items MUST be submitted by April 30th of the Spring Semester.