New NIH Biosketch Requirements

The new NIH biosketch requirements are required for submissions after May 25, 2015.

In order to assist investigators in complying, we have developed this resource to assist in complying with the new requirements.  The link to the announcement is available at 

The biosketch template may be accessed at

Please see example of the new biosketch template. 

Key Changes:

1. Personal Statement: Identify four peer related pubs that highlight experience relevant to the submission.

2. Positions and Honors- no changes. 

3. Contributions to Science (previously the Peer Reviewed Publications section).  Investigators are asked to describe their five most significant contributions to science and within each contribution, list up to four peer reviewed publications or non-publication research products that are relevant. In addition, Investigators are allowed to include a URL to their published works (instructions are provided below).

4. Research Support- Begin with projects most relevant to the proposed application.

5. Format: To accommodate the additional requirements, the page length is extended from 4 to 5 pages. 


Step 1: Create an account in NCBI.  

Step 2: Once logged in, go to “My Bibliography”, and then selected “Manage My Bibliography.”  At that point, click “Add citations.”  The system then lets you select the source of the info. Select Pub Med.  The system takes you to PubMed where you can search by your name. Your list of published articles should appear. Select your articles and then hit the “send to” button/option on the top right”  PubMed then sends the articles to your NCBI bibliography. 

Step 3: Make your bibliography public. Once you pull in your articles, you can make the bibliography “public”. A URL is generated; you can then copy/paste this URL into your biosketch per the new biosketch requirements. Reviewers can then click on the link in your biosketch and see all the pubs that you want to make public.  If an article is not in PubMed,  you will need to enter the info manually (also through the Add Citations” button).

NCBI has a variety of functions including generating the public access bibliography (aka this My Bibliography function). In addition, there is the SciENcv function within the NCBI system.  It allows you to generate a biosketch in NIH format (or NSF). 

For more information, see the FAQs regarding the new requirements.