Program for the Environment and Sustainability

Director: Virender K. Sharma, Ph.D.
Co-Director: Antonio Rene, Ph.D., M.P.H
Phone: 979-436-9323

The PES goals are to develop and lead a vibrant Environmental and Sustainability network and to build a model research program with a multi-disciplinary approach that also encompasses education and outreach.

PES objectives include:

  • Address population health challenges related to the environment and sustainability through the development of innovative approaches in research, training and outreach.
  • Investigate the interaction of the environment, sustainability and population health.
  • Create research strategies for implementing environmental and sustainability approaches linked to population health.
  • Develop an effective infrastructure for communicating/translating environmental and sustainability findings.
  • Develop and promote academic programs, based on research that address the environment and sustainability and population health.
  • Increase and expand collaborations with governmental and corporate organizations, TAMU, system-wide TAMU campuses, and other nation/international organizations, which a common interest