Program on Health Law & Policy

Director: Cason Schmit J.D.
Co-Director: J.O. Spengler J.D., Ph.D
Phone: 979-436-0277

  • The vision of the Program is to become a nationally recognized center noted for its rigorous analysis of state health laws and in-depth training of empirical health law researchers, analysts, and policy advocates.
  • The two-fold mission of the Program is (1) to describe variation in state laws and regulations and to analyze their effects on health and healthcare, and (2) to train current and future health lawyers and public health professionals in the empirical analysis of laws. 
  • The goals of the Program are to: (1) develop a close working relationship with the TAMU School of Law to establish joint educational programs in public health and law, (2) to obtain core funding to allow for the collection and analysis of health laws, (3) to identify and engage a cohort of empirical health law faculty across Texas A&M University who are interested and able to undertake this research and training, and (4) provide professional development opportunities to attorneys and researchers interested in legal surveillance and analysis.