HIPAA Policies and Procedures

All faculty, staff, and students should be aware of the following rules, policies, and procedures as they relate to HIPAA compliance and security.

Texas A&M School of Public Health Policies


Texas A&M University:

HSC guidelines 16.99.99.Z1 through  16.99.99.Z0.31 delineate University HIPAA policies and rules.

Texas A&M Research and Biosafety:

Confidentiality of Identifiable Data and PHI

State Laws and Regulations:

Texas House Bill 300, Texas Medical Privacy Act (TMPA)
Texas Health and Human Services,  Health & Safety Code, Medical Records Privacy

Federal Laws & Regulations:

HIPAA (1996)
Health Information Privacy, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Civil Rights
HITECH Act (2009)
Combined HIPAA/HITECH rules