FAQs for SPH Researchers on COVID-19

  1. Does Texas A&M University (TAMU) have a centralized website for most questions related the impact of COVID-19 on research activities?

A: Yes. The VPR’s office has a dedicated webpage: https://vpr.tamu.edu/covid-19

If you are engaged in research at TAMU, please take a few moments to read the VPR’s page regarding continuity of campus-wide research administration services. 

  1. How should faculty route their summer salary support request forms?  Will the deadline be extended?

A: Faculty should fill in their forms with the effort requested for each project, leave it unsigned, and send it electronically as an email attachment to the OOR team. OOR will seek e-mail approvals from the PI’s, Department Head, and so forth on behalf of the faculty. At this time, we do not foresee a need to extend the deadline for these forms. Please contact your Department Head or OOR staff will any questions.

  1. What should I tell my student workers, volunteers, and GARS working on my research projects?

A: Each PI should work directly with their team of research staff and students to determine a plan that makes sense for their active and planned projects. At this time, on-site laboratory research is still possible, with a recommendation that social distancing (e.g., staggered schedules) be used along with any needed contact precautions and hand hygiene. For non-laboratory work, remote work is preferred to the extent possible for the timelines prescribed by TAMU leadership.

  1. What about travel for projects, conferences, and other budgeted activities that are postponed or cancelled due to the current COVID-19 situation?

A: The OOR team can assist with re-budgeting and contact information for PI’s who may need to seek a no-cost extension or other clarification for their funded research projects.

  1. Can I get an extension for an internally-funded project, such as a T3 or X-grant?

A: A no-cost extension for projects funded through the TAMU VPR can be requested by the project PI. Please ask the OOR team if you need assistance with this request.

  1. Are proposal deadlines likely to change in response to the COVID-19 outbreak?

A: At this time, please assume that the deadlines posted by funding agencies in the RFA’s will not change. SRS staff will be working remotely and can continue to process and submit proposals using the standard timelines that recommend for pre-award processing.  However, please check directly with the funding agency contact or website to confirm.

  1. Are there any new research opportunities that have been posted in response to the COVID-19 outbreak?

A: Yes. The OOR team will identify and post FOA’s relate to COVID-19 to SPH faculty. Several SPH teams are already working on projects related to the COVID-19 response. For funding opportunities visit



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