USA Center for Rural Public Health Preparedness

Director: Barbara Quiram, Ph.D.
Board of Regents Approval: May 23, 2007
Contact: 979-436-9472
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Established in July 2005, The USA Center for Rural Public Health Preparedness is one of 27 CDC funded Centers for Public health Preparedness. The CDC programs are designed to ensure public health professionals are able to respond to threats to the nation’s public health. The new USA Center at SPH is the only center with a specific rural focus and is charged with supporting and developing the skills and competencies of emergency responders in rural areas of the United States.

The USA Center is one of a number of programs under the Office of Special Programs at SPH aimed at translating the school's mission of improving the health of underserved and rural populations into practice by cultivating long term relationships with public health agencies, communities, and other universities. Specifically, the Office of Special Programs focuses on improving the rural public health infrastructure via building relationships at the local, regional, state, and national level and improving competencies in the public health workforce via training and development.