Ergonomics Center

Director: Mark E. Benden, CPE, Ph.D.
Board of Regents Approval: February 2012
Contact: 979-436-9362
Center Summary Flyer

The Texas A&M Ergonomics Center aims to improve worker performance, safety and health by applying ergonomic designs and interventions to existing and emerging technologies. We focus on the impacts of aging, sedentary behavior, obesity, and technology design on the health and productivity of the current and future workforce. The Center’s research and activities focus on a wide variety of occupational health and safety topics including office ergonomics, effective procedure writing and displays, occupational biomechanics and cognitive workload evaluation.

The mission of the Texas A&M Ergonomics Center is to help industry and healthcare partners increase their competitiveness by improving worker performance, reducing workplace injuries and illnesses, and designing unique products and applications to combat the negative impacts of aging and obesity.

The goals of the Center are to:

  • Evaluate and redesign existing workplace environments and work methods that affect workers;

  • Develop, select, and evaluate ergonomic projects for industry-specific and healthcare-specific research topics in response to occupational safety and health issues;

  • Provide leadership to future ergonomists and improve ergonomics education by providing students with research and grant opportunities; and,

  • Pursue commercialization and translational research opportunities.