2016 REDI Awards

group photo of winners

Dr. Alva Ferdinand, Dr. Xiaohui Xu, Dr. Darcy McMaughan, Dr. Leslie Cizmas, Dr. Gang Han, Dr. Bernard Appiah (not pictured)

Bernard Appiah, DrPH, MDC, MS, BPharm, Public Health Studies
Identifying culturally relevant interventions to increase medication adherence among adults with diabetes or hypertension

Leslie Cizmas, PhD, Environmental and Occupational Health
Impact of nanoparticles on the formation and toxicity of disinfection byproducts during water chlorination

Gang Han, PhD, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Improved survival analysis in personalized cancer therapy trials

 Alva Ferdinand, DrPH, JD, Health Policy and Management
Examining the impact of gun control laws on firearm-related morbidity and mortality

Darcy McMaughan, PhD, Health Policy and Management
Resident, site, and care coordination characteristics in unlicensed board and care homes: A pilot study in Houston, Texas

Xiaohui Xu, PhD, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Interaction between genes and air pollution in relation to cardiometabolic risk in US population