Graduate Milestones


Practice, Service, and Outreach Milestones

Complete a 684 practicum experience

10 points

Participate in a Service Learning Activity

10 points per activity

Attend Practicum Fair

5 points

Active Member of SPH affiliated Student Organization

5 points/ organization/year

Hold Officer Position in a SPH affiliated Student Organization

15 points/ organization/year

Participate in Public Health Practice Outreach for SPH

5 points per activity

Organize a Public Outreach Program/Event

10 points/program

Submission of Public Health Week Photo Contest

5 points/year

Win or place at Public Health Week Photo Contest

20 points/year

Volunteer with local public health related agency

5 points/10 hours of volunteer service

Study abroad trip (<50% credit hours)

15 points

Study abroad trip (100% of credit hours)

20 points

Research Milestones

Graduate research as 686

10 points/semester

Submit to National Public Health Week research poster contest

5 points/year

Win or place at National Public Health Week research poster contest

20 points/year

Present at university research week

10 points/research week

Present at regional or national conference

20 points/conference

Author on a referred journal publication

30 points/article

Named role on submitted research proposal

10 points (GA,RA,PC) 20 points (PI)/proposal

Named role on funded research proposal

20 points (GA,RA,PC) 30 points (PI)/proposal

Professional Development Milestones

Attend SPH Professional Development sessions

5 points/session

Attend professional conference

5 points/occurrence

Participate in PHield Trips

5 points/activity