Job Search Assistance

This is an exciting time to be in the public health field. Below is information to help you decide which direction you want to take with your degree.

Potential Job Tracks

MPH Fellowships 

It is important that students begin planning in their second semester for how they will complete these applications. They should make note of the application deadlines and requirements, and over the summer, start planning for how they will attack these job opportunities. Students should not wait until they return in the fall because it will probably be too late to effectively plan for these. There are expenses associated with applying for Fellowships (transcripts, mailing, etc.) so students should budget for them. CAHME accredited Fellowships can be applied for, but they are designed for graduates of CAHME accredited programs (like our MHA Program). Most of the hospitals and organizations that offer CAHME Fellowships will check to see if a student's degree is CAHME accredited. There are organizations that do not require CAHME accreditation, but they are still looking for health care management related degrees. Students should choose wisely. All of the Fellowships listed on this page are MPH-based.

Post-graduate Education

Many students have the option of continuing their education in a number of different fields. The good news is that for some fields (like a PhD in health services research) students won’t pay for their education —  they will earn a salary. The bad news is that it will take four-plus years for them to finish. Students need to begin planning to apply during the second semester. For many international students, this is a good option to consider as master's-level jobs are currently very difficult to obtain in the United States for non-citizens. PhD jobs are more international student friendly. If a student has a 3.5 GPA or better, and scored around 1,200 on the GRE, this is something they should seriously be considering as an option.

Medical School

Many students obtain a MPH as a stepping stone to medical school. Many physicians find that a MPH degree greatly enhances their ability to understand public health issues and to practice clinical medicine more effectively. The application process is lengthy and starts early, so students should begin preparing during the first year.

Other jobs

A good plan is to start with the top three above. If that doesn’t fit, then students can relax a bit because jobs they would be looking at will open in the spring. Students can start looking to see what is out there, but most employers won’t hold jobs open for very long. The summer before the second year is a good time to prepare a list of places to apply, update application materials and begin preparing for the interview process.

Career Planning Timeline

The career planning process begins the moment a students steps through our doors. Students will need to immediately begin exploring the options available to them and begin preparing. The practicum is included in this timeline because it is an important step in career development. The experience gained during the practicum will play a large role in a student's resume and many students gain post-graduation employment at their practicum site or at the very least, use their preceptor as an important reference.

First Semester

  • This is a time of self-discovery. Immerse yourself in your classes, related outside and extracurricular activities, current events, and networking opportunities.
  • Explore areas you are not familiar with to expand your knowledge base.

Second Semester

  • Meet with the HPM Practicum Coordinator, Dr. Hatala, at the beginning of the semester to discuss the practicum. (Read the practicum manual first!)
  • Attend the practicum fair
  • Notify your faculty advisor of your career goals.

Summer Semester

  • Write personal statement and cover letter template and send to your faculty advisor for edits.
  • Update resume with practicum information and send to your faculty advisor for edits
  • Research and make list of places to apply.
  • Begin to request letters of recommendation. 

Third Semester

  • Begin applying for fellowships or other academic programs early in the semester.

Fourth Semester

  • If the other options are not successful, begin looking for a public health related position. Current alumni positions can be viewed here.

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