Principal Investigators and Staff

Jane N. Bolin, RN, JD, PhD is professor, and director of the PhD program, in the Department of Health Policy and Management. She is also the director for the Southwest Rural Health Research Center at the Texas A&M School of Public Health. Along with Dr. Marcia Ory, Bolin developed the Diabetes Education Kiosk as part of a CDC funded Prevention Research Center. In 2008 Bolin and Ory were contacted by the Lichtenstein Medical Research Foundation and invited to submit a proposal for funding to examine and evaluate the Diabetes Kiosk in pharmacy and clinical sites in the Corpus Christi Region. The study was a resounding success with over 5,000 individual uses of the kiosk over an 11 month period.

Bolin serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Rural Health and has served as special editor for the Texas Public Health Association Journal. Bolin’s current and past research focus has been on the problems and needs of rural and underserved populations, including serving as PI on a two year HRSA/ORHP-funded grant examining chronic disease management in rural areas, and as co-PI on a CDC-funded grant employing community based participatory research methods evaluating and targeting diabetes prevention and management in rural, underserved communities in Central Texas. Most recently, Bolin served as co-PI on an NIH-funded P-20 grant to conduct an investigation of the feasibility of establishing a Center for Clinical Translation Science for the benefit of rural and underserved areas of Texas. She also served as PI on a grant from the state of Missouri to conduct a cost-effectiveness evaluation of state funded home visit programs for high risk pregnant teenagers in Missouri.

Bolin’s 15-plus years of practice as an attorney in health related areas and her practice in nursing, including critical care (ICU/CCU), provide a unique research and policy perspective on issues related to health law as it intersects with the regulation of hospitals and health organizations.

Marcia G. Ory, PhD, MPH, is Regents Professor, Department of Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences, School of Public Health at the Texas A&M University Health Science Center in College Station, Texas. She is also the director of the School of Public Health Program on Healthy Aging, and the academic partner for the Community Research Center for Senior Health. She is involved in two Special Initiative Projects funded through the CDC Prevention Research Centers — the Texas Healthy Aging Network and the Central Texas Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network — and serves as the evaluator for the state-wide Texas Healthy Lifestyles program. Drawing upon a life-course perspective, she has also been a primary investigator on several research studies exploring policy and environmental interventions for reducing childhood obesity. In these roles she is examining how health promotion evidence-based programs for individuals at different life transitions can be translated to clinical, community or workplace settings.

Her major research emphasis is chronic disease management with attention to strategies for improving the translation of diabetes prevention and treatment guidelines, and more recently examining the implementation and dissemination of best strategies for enhancing the quality of life for cancer survivors. She works in both community and clinical settings, with the goal of fostering better coordination between health care and community services networks.

Previously, Ory spent 20 years in federal service as Chief of Social Science Research on Aging in the Behavioral and Social Research Program, National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health. She holds a doctorate from Purdue University and a Masters of Public Health from The Johns Hopkins University. She has been the author of over 200 publications on a variety of topics including self-care, family caregiving and dementia care, doctor-patient interactions, chronic disease management, obesity prevention, women’s health, minority health and translational research.

Ory is a distinguished alumnae of Purdue University, a Fellow of the American Academy of Behavioral Research, the American Association of Health Behavior, the Gerontological Society of America and the Society for Behavioral Medicine, and a recipient of numerous awards including the Polisher Institute Award for Excellence in Applied Gerontology, the International Council on Active Aging Industry Innovator Award, the Archstone Foundation Award for Excellence in Program Innovation, the Betty J. Cleckley Award for Excellence in Research on Minority Health Issues, and the Erickson Foundation Award for Successful Aging. Her dedication to enhancing the careers of new scholars is aging is evident in her receipt of the Distinguished Mentor Award from the Gerontological Society of America. She was appointed a Regents Professor at the Texas A&M Health Science Center in recognition of outstanding service and commitment to the people of Texas, and has also received the Philip Weiler Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Public Health Association. She was also recently awarded the Texas A&M Health Science Center Presidents Research Award.