At the Department of Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences, our goal is for our students to become public health leaders with the skills and passion to create healthier communities. The department embraces the education, skills, talent and passion our students bring to the program to further embrace an environment in which students are invited to openly shares their ideas, promote a culture of health, and become role models for health behavior change. 

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Finding a Purpose

"The public health problems facing our county are so daunting that I sometimes wonder how I can make a difference. But that’s why we are all in this together. Someone has to step up to address these problems. And look at the many public health success stories that exist – John Snow with cholera, childhood vaccines, seat belt laws, anti-smoking efforts. I want to be a part of the enormous effort to improve health; part of that is recognizing, I think, that one has to take a Mother Teresa approach to it all, which takes a lot of patience – 'Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.'amp;#8221; 

Marnie Moore, JD, MPH
SPH Class of 2015

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Their Impact


“Some of the concepts that were most helpful were different ways to work with a community group, knowing theories concerning what drives people to make decisions about what to eat and what to grow, and the experience I had at the school in working with people from many different backgrounds,” Jahns said. “I don’t think I would have been nearly as effective without my education at the school.”  

Jill Jahns, MPH
SPH Class of 2015

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Discovering New Experiences

The Community Health Promotion Student Organization (CHPSO) seeks to promote appreciation and career awareness of the social and behavioral public health field. Membership with CHPSO provides supports students to actively engage, enhance, and develop a professional network through social, volunteer, and academic networks; to provide CHPSO members with opportunities to learn more about the field of social and behavioral health; and to facilitate lasting ties between its members. Come visit our Facebook page.

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