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The department offers a broad range of courses that cover numerous disciplines based on our faculty expertise and leading public health issues. A majority of these courses can be chosen by students outside of the Department of Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences  to fulfill an elective credit. For more information or to request a prerequisite waiver, contact Mary Pipkin (979.436.9366).

Fall Term

HPCH 689- Legal Issues in Health Promotion

Graduate Course (3 credits)
This course will address legal issues relevant to health promotion, fitness and wellness in community settings. Students with an interest in applied legal topics will learn about tort law in the context of active recreation, participatory sport, physical literacy, fitness and wellness. There will be interactive opportunities to brief and present cases in a group format, and argue a hypothetical case in a moot court experience.

HPCH 604- Social Ecology & Global Health

Graduate Course (3 credits)
Social, behavioral and ecological interventions in developing countries addressing major and emerging communicable diseases, pandemics, vaccine delivery, water and food chain safety, pollution and climate issues, addressed through theory and critical review of interventions.

HPCH 610- Community Organizational Assessment

Graduate Course (3 credits)
The nature of community and its role as setting, target and facilitator of health among its population. Approaches to assessing community factors that influence health status; application of that information in planning community-based interventions. 

HPCH 625-Health of Refugees and Displaced Populations

Graduate Course (3 credits) 
TBasic principles, terms and tools necessary to design health interventions to address health emergencies involving refugee and displaced populations who have been displaced by war or armed conflict, famine, infectious diseases, political turmoil or other forms of disaster; focus on international and cross-cultural settings.



*To view courses included in the Certified Health Coach (CHC) and Global Health certificate curriculums, visit the Degrees & Certificates website.