Public Health for Health Professionals

The future of healthcare is focusing on the proactive treatment of patients, not reactive. How can you contribute to this shift in patient care?

We know our patients:

  • Make lifestyle choices causing many of the deaths and diseases in Americans today
  • Millions currently do not have health insurance to access care
  • Many are forced to choose between healthcare and other living expenses

Now is the time to think about healthcare differently... A Master's of Public Health (MPH) is a professional degree where students learn how to impact entire populations to change the health status of individuals and communities.

At Texas A&M School of Public Health:

  1. We train pre-health professions students in an innovative curriculum using real world cases
  2. Create leaders who strive to improve the health for future generations
  3. Help students become more competitive applicants to professional schools
  4. Identify successful careers in a growing public health workforce 


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