Virender K. Sharma, PhD

Virender K. Sharma, PhD

Professor/Director of the Program on Environmental and Sustainability

Environmental and Occupational Health
212 Adriance Lab Rd.
1266 TAMU
College Station, TX   77843-1266

Research Interests

  • Chemistry and applications of ferrates (VI, V, and IV) (inactivation of virus, bacteria, and toxins in water and air and removal of emerging contaminants such as antibiotics, estrogens and toxic metals in water)
  • Formation, fate, and toxicity of silver and gold engineered and natural nanoparticles in aquatic environment
  • Applications of ferrites to destroy toxins and pollutants under solar light

Education and Training

  • Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami, 1989
    PhD, Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India, 1984
  • University of Delhi, India, 1982
  • University of Delhi, India, 1980 

Recent Publications

M. Feng and V.K. Sharma, Enhanced Oxidation of Antibiotics by Ferrate(VI)-Sulfur(IV) System: Elucidating Multi-Oxidant Mechanism, Chem. Eng. J., 341, 137-145 (2018).

H. Jia, Y. Shi, S. Zhao, L. Zhu, C. Wang, and V. K. Sharma,  Transformation of PAHs and Formation of Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals on Modified Montmorillonite: Role of Surface Metal Ions and PAH Molecular Properties, Environ. Sci. Technol., 52(10), 5725-5733 (2018).

T. Alivio, N. Fleer, J. Singh, G. Nadadur, M. Feng, S. Banerjee, and V.K. Sharma, Stabilization of Ag-Au Bimetallic Nanocrystals in Aquatic Environments Mediated by Dissolved Organic Matter: A Mechanistic Perspective, Environ. Sci. Technol., In Press (2018).

Y. Huang, C. Han, Y. Liu, M. Nadagouda, M. Libor, K.E. O’Shea, V.K. Sharma, and Dionysios D. Dionysiou, Degradation of Atrazine by ZnxCu1−xFe2O4 Nanomaterial-Catalyzed Sulfite under UV-Visible Light Irradiation: Green Strategy to Generate SO4•−, Appl. Catal. B., 221, 380-392 (2018).

V.K. Sharma and M.Feng, Water Depollution using Metal-Organic Frameworks-Activated Advanced Oxidation Processes: A Review, J. Hazard. Mater., In Press (2018).

K. Manoli, G. Nikhala, A.K. Ray, and V.K. Sharma, Enhanced Oxidative Transformation of Organic Contaminants by Activation of Ferrate(VI): Involvement of FeV/FeIV Species,Chem. Eng. J., 307(1), 513-517 (2017).

H. Jia, S. Zhao, G. Nulaji, K.Tao, F. Wang, V.K. Sharma, and C. Wang, Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals in Soils of Past Coking Sites: Distribution and Stabilization, Environ. Sci. Technol., 51, 6000-6008 (2017).

J. Tuček. R. Prucek, J. Kolařík, M. Petr, V.K. Sharma, and R. Zbořil, Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles Reduce Arsenites and Arsenates to As(0) Firmly Embedded in Core-Shell Superstructure – Challenging Strategy of Arsenic Treatment under Anaerobic Conditions, ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng., 5(4), 3027–3038 (2017).

J. Liu, R. Qu, Z. Wang, I. Mendoza-Sanchez, and V.K. Sharma, Thermal- and Photo-Induced Degradation of Perfluorinated Carboxylic Acids: Kinetics and Mechanism,Water Res., 126, 12-18 (2017).

M. Feng, L.Cizmas, Z. Wang and V.K. Sharma, Synergistic Effect of Aqueous Removal of Fluoroquinolones by a Combined Use of Peroxymonosulfate and Ferrate(VI), Chemosphere., 177, 144-148 (2017).

V.K. Sharma, L. Chen, and R. Zbořil, A Review on High-Valent FeVI (Ferrate): A Sustainable Green Oxidant in Chemistry and Transformation of Pharmaceuticals, ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng., 4(1), 18-34 (2016).

R.P. Kralchevska, R. Prucek, J. Tuček, L.Machala, J. Filip, V.K. Sharma, and R. Zbořil, Remarkable Efficiency of Phosphate Removal: Ferrate(VI) Induced “In Situ” Sorption on Core-Shell Nanoparticles, Water Res., 103, 83-91 (2016).

K.M. Šišková, D. Jančula, B. Drahoš, L. Machala, P. Babica, P.G. Alonso, Z. Trávníček, J. Tuček, B. Maršálek, V.K. Sharma, and R. Zbořil, High-Valent  Iron (FeVI, FeV, and FeIV) Species in Water: Characterization and Oxidative Transformation of Estrogenic Hormones, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 18(28), 18802-18810 (2016).

N. Adegboyega, V.K. Sharma, L. Cizmas, and C. Sayes, UV Light Induces Ag Nanoparticle Formation: Roles of Natural Organic Matter, Iron and Oxygen, Environ. Chem. Lett., 14(3), 353-357 (2016).

V.K. Sharma, N. Johnson, L. Cizmas, T.J. McDonald, and H. Kim, A Review of the Influence of Treatment Strategies on Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistance Genes, Chemosphere., 150, 702-714 (2016).