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MIA/MPH Dual Degree Program

About the MIA/MPH program

The School of Public Health and The Bush School of Government and Public Service have combined to offer students the ability to receive both a Master of International Affairs degree and a Master of Public Health degree in a three-year period.

Why offer a dual degree?

These two degrees are a natural fit. Diseases do not stop at borders. That is both a public health and a national security reality. Public health work increasingly crosses borders. International affairs increasingly deals with issues of global cooperation on preventing and responding to pandemics and other transborder health emergencies. Bilateral agreements between countries and international organizations, like the World Health Organization, play an important role in managing public health issues. Public health is international and international affairs are inseparable from public health.

Students can choose from two MPH concentrations within the School of Public Health as part of this combined degree program:

Program Structure and Requirements

In this concentrated program, students follow a strictly defined curriculum, to be able to complete all of the requirements for both degrees (which normally each take two years) in this shortened time frame:

  • 42 credit hours in Public Health
  • 36 credit hours in International Affairs

Students must complete at least one capstone course that meets the requirements of both schools. The MPH summer practicum course, if involving an international topic or experience, can also satisfy the MIA internship requirement.

Students are required to satisfy the MIA degree’s language requirement.

For additional information on the combined degree program, including the degree plans, please visit the Bush School's website.

If a student decides during the course of study to drop one of the degrees being sought, the requirements for the other degree will revert to the normal requirements for that degree.

How to Apply

Students will apply separately to each school, with a notation that they intend to pursue the combined MIA/MPH degree program.