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Applying to the MHA Program

Our MHA Program is for students pursuing administrative practice in health service related settings. The program prepares individuals to assume executive leadership positions in a broad range of health services organizations including hospitals, health systems, physician group practices, health maintenance organizations, long-term care facilities, consulting firms, and insurance companies. The program is also ranked as one of the top health administration management programs in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

The curriculum provides a core body of knowledge about leading health care systems and organizations, beginning with descriptive and analytical courses. The curriculum focuses on the application and integration of acquired knowledge throughout the didactic portion of the program.

Entering Students

See the MHA Application and Deadlines page for more information on the MHA and EMHA applications.

We take into consideration an applicant’s work history, volunteer work and other relevant experience we feel will make applicant a strong candidate for our program. We evaluate every aspect of the application, and do not weigh one more heavily than another.

Once an application meets the minimum requirements, a mandatory interview is scheduled. Members of the MHA committee review each application and rate the potential student on various criteria. The interview will determine if the applicant exhibits the communication, social and leadership skills required of successful MHA students. This interview is best done in person, however, there are instances where the interview can be accomplished through use of interactive technology.

Additional Information for transfer students.