Health Systems Management Certificate Requirements


PHPM 601 Foundations of Public Health: An introduction to the field of public health and to rural health conditions, issues, professions, organizations and policies relevant to the health of rural communities.

PHPM 605 Introduction ot Health Policy and Management: Prepares students for administrative or policy positions in governmental programs, voluntary health organizations, or in other health service organizations. Supports effectiveness of public health and health services professionals by providing knowledge of health organizations and services and associated management and policy issues. Introduces the U.S. health system and health management areas and emphasizes policy topics.

PHPM 614 Strategic Planning and Marketing: This course offers an introduction to strategic planning and management in health services organizations. Processes and formats employed in strategic planning and marketing are presented and applied in case studies and a final project. Elements of market assessment, environmental analysis and strategy development are presented and applied to course practices. Prerequisite: PHPM 605

PHPM 616 Management of Human Resources: An introduction to the range of human resources issues facing the health delivery system administrator from benefits to grievances and human resources management in health organizations. Course also covers personnel practices such as job analysis and description, recruitment, selection and compensation in various health delivery system settings. Prerequisite: PHPM 601

PHPM 623 Health Care Financial Management: Course is designed as an overview of health financing and techniques for financial management in health services settings, blending theory and practice through lecture, discussion and case analysis. This course also examines major sources of public and private health services funding. Prerequisites: PHPM 601, PHPM 605 or PHPM 606


You may substitute up to two of the following courses for PHPM 614 and/or PHPM 616.

PHPM 631 Health Information Management Systems: Course introduces computer-based information systems, architectures and applications in the management of health services organizations. It addresses systems designs, data management systems, data access and communications, and the implications of expanding technological capacities for information management systems. Prerequisites: PHPM 601, PHPM 605 or 606

PHPM 617 Health Care Quality Evaluation and Utilization Management: Overview of evolving health delivery system quality mechanisms and approaches for maximizing quality control in health care organizations. Includes concepts and practices of quality assessment, control and improvement, and accreditation and outcome analysis in service delivery systems. Prerequisites: PHPM 601 or PHPM 605 or 606, PHEB 602 or STAT 651 or STAT 652, PHPM 631 prior or concurrently

PHPM 620 Operations Management: This course is organized around the types of tactical and operational decisions made by health care operations managers. Tactical decisions are medium- and long-term decisions that together determine the processes by which health care services are produced and delivered, while operational decisions are short- term decisions concerned with utilizing resources to meet the objectives of the organization in an efficient manner. Building on a "system-based" approach to the health care environment, analytical tools are examined to aid problem solving and decision-making in health care organizations. Where appropriate, spreadsheets will be used to ease computational work, facilitate analysis, and aid in the presentation of results. This course examines operational decisions through a combination of lectures, problem sets, organizational analysis, and readings. Prerequisites: PHPM 617 & 631