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Health Coaching Certificate

About the program

Health Coaches are a new and vital part of our evolving health care system. They work independently or with primary care providers and employers to help clients, patients and employees achieve health care goals. Becoming a health coach can give you an advantage in the public health field.

Students will need to complete all courses with a grade of B or higher. This program can be completed online or at our College Station campus.

NOTE: this program has a limited number of seats available. Submitting an application is not a guarantee that you will be selected.

Our program is unique in several ways:

  • It is focused on the prevention and management of chronic disease — it is not an athletic training program.
  • It contains graduate-level training on the etiology of common chronic diseases, so you can speak with confidence to health care providers and to clients.
  • It is based on a rigorous up-to-date review of diet and lifestyle research.
  • It requires mastery of current clinical guidelines for the prevention and treatment of common chronic diseases.
  • It provides focused training and practice in techniques of motivational interviewing and other valuable behavior change techniques.


Health Coaching Certificate Program-Applicants are not required to be currently enrolled Texas A&M University students. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree to apply.

Dates and Deadlines

All certificate programs have rolling deadlines.

How to Apply

Applicants are required to submit the following:

  1. Certificate Program Application (current Texas A&M students only)
  2. Personal Statement
  3. Resume sent by email to

If you are not a currently enrolled Texas A&M University student and plan to apply to the Health Coaching Certificate Program, please contact Haven Hughes at

Required courses

For more detailed information regarding these courses, including course descriptions, please see the Texas A&M course Catalog.

Course Number Course Name Hours
HPCH 603 or
HPCH 604
Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health
Social Ecology and Global Health
HPCH 607 Biological Basis of Health and Common Diseases 3
HPCH 640 Diet and Lifestyle Interventions for Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease 3
HPCH 641 Coaching Health Behavior Change 3
Total Credit Hours 12