DrPH Degree Requirements

The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) is an advanced professional degree for those whose career goals are in the area of professional practice in public health, including current and potential leaders in public health practice. The DrPH prepares candidates for a career in high-level administration, teaching, or practice, where advance analytical and conceptual capabilities are requisite. Applicants will choose to focus on one of three concentration areas:

  • Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences,
  • Epidemiology
  • Environmental Health

The programs are designed for the research-grounded practitioner; a graduate may be expected to fill instructional, supervisory, and administrative positions in which educational services are to be rendered.



Required Core Courses

Seminars in Practice & Pedagogy; Professional Development Seminar in Public Health Teaching; Leadership & Management for Public Health; Epidemiology or Biostatistics; Health Policy Analysis; Practicum; and Capstone

31 hours

Emphasis Required Courses

Varies by concentration 

12 - 15 hours

Emphasis Directed Electives

Varies by concentration 

14 - 17 hours


variable hours

Total Hours: 57 semester credit hours*

* This requires a minimum of required coursework with additional hours required depending upon the student’s background and particular field of study.