Doctoral Degree Recipients

Doctor of Philosophy

Health Services Research

Ammar Aftab
Dissertation: "An Analysis of Policies Using Quasi-Experimental Design: Marijuana Legislation, Same-Sex Marriages, and Gun Policy"
Chair: Michael A. Morrisey

Marvellous Ayooluwa Akinlotan
Dissertation: "Medicaid Expansion and the Dental Workforce: Policy Issues Affecting Emergency Department Use for Nontraumtic DEntal Conditions"
Chair: Michael A. Morrisey 

Hao Zhang
Dissertation: "Disentangling the Complex Relationship Between Health, Health Insurance and Retirement"
Chair: Robert Ohsfeldt

Doctor of Public Health

Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Gregory Alan Garrett
Dissertation: "The Influence of Behavior-Based Computer Interventions on Utilization of Sit-to-Stand Desks and the Subsequent Impact on Productivity: A Longitudinal Study"
Chair: Mark E. Benden

Kamrie Marie Sarnosky
Dissertation: "The Transition to a Home Workforce: An Analysis of Disaster Recovery, Sedentary Behavior, and Air Quality"
Chair: Mark E. Benden
Co-Chair: Leslie Cizmas

Health Promotion and Community Science

Gregory William Hercules
Dissertation: "The Need for Improving Access to Integrated Health Servies and the Elimination of Tobacco Culture Within Substance Use Dependency Treatment"
Chair: Gregory Colwell 

Donaji Stelzig
Dissertation: "The Chronic Disease Burden in Ethnic and Minority Groups: Community Health Workers as a Potential Solution for Improving American Health Care"
Chair: Marcia Ory
Co-Chair: Bugrahan Yalvac