Join our graduate program in McAllen!

Be a part of our new  innovative program tailored to the needs of communities in South Texas.

We offer two Master of Public Health (MPH) programs: 

Health Promotion & Community Health Sciences is taught at the McAllen Higher Education Center. Our students learn how to improve the abilities of individuals, groups, communities, and nations in developing and implementing strategies, tools and methods to optimize health.

Epidemiology is an exclusively online program. This degree prepares students with the expertise necessary to design and implement basic and applied research in disease etiology, control, and prevention.


Quick Facts: 

  • The MPH degree is designed as a full-time program completed in two years. Part-time sequences may be available in consultation with an academic advisor.
  • This degree is affordable! Texas A&M is recognized nationally as offering the best value for cost for degrees (MONEY Magazine). Our MPH degree has degrees at the university and among peer institutions, particularly considering the cost of degree and graduates' earnings. 
  • Our graduates' find fulfilling jobs, whether in public service, industry, or academia- to name a few. In addition, our students have exclusive access to a career coach to help guide them to successful career paths. 


Applications are open for the Fall 2020 academic year. Click here to learn how to apply. Don't hesitate to contact our admissions staff for guidance about the public health field, to speak with a current student/faculty member, or how to complete a graduate school application. We are here to support you on your journey into this amazing profession. 


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