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Cultural Competency, Diversity, and Inclusion (O-CCDI)


Lisako McKyer, PhD, MPH
Senior Associate Dean for Climate and Diversity/Professor/Associate Director of the Center for Community Health Development

Crystal Vinal
Assistant Director



About the Office of Cultural Competency, Diversity, and Inclusion (O-CCDI)

Our office is committed to help move department and institutional dialogue beyond that of managing diversity as a problem. The multiple aspects of an individual's identity enhance the work and educational environment. Individual differences including race, sexual orientation, class, and gender, in addition to other qualities, do not exist in isolation, and each person has multiple aspect of their identity. We believe individuals are an integrative part of a healthy workplace climate. All people, working together, are key aspects of cultural competency, diversity and inclusion that our office strives to uphold for the School of Public Health and Texas A&M University.

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