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Settings for your Blackboard quizzes/exams 

The following settings are important to avoid technical issues. You can cover the rest of the settings as you preferred.

  1. Open test in new window- No
  2. Make available to students: Yes (it will follow display settings)
  3. Force completion- Do not use
  4. Set timer: 360 minutes maximum
  5. Display after and until, make sure the times are correct
  6. Password can be blank, or provided by instructor via email or eCampus.
  7. Due date: this is recommended. If you don't want students to submit exam after due date, make sure to check box below Due Date. Do not allow students to start the Test if the due date has passed.
  8. Include this Test in Grade Center score calculations. Yes, check box
  9. Show test results and feedback to students (Options):
    • After submission: you can add score and just submitted answers
    • After due date: score and submitted. This way you are not compromising your exam questions
    • After attempts are graded: this is recommended for exams that include essay questions. You can release score and feedback.
  10. Test presentation:
    • All at Once: all questions in one page
    • One at a Time Prohibit Backtracking: just one question per page, not going back option
  11. Randomize questions: it will create different versions automatically. That doesn't affect anything with grades, just the order of questions during the exam.