Checklist for new semester

► eCampus

New courses are usually ready one month before the semester starts. Faculty members are responsible for creating their own courses and exporting/importing content from past courses. 

► ExamSoft/Examplify

If you are planning to use ExamSoft with scantrons or online exams/quizzes, then courses and students are automatically enrolled when syncing with eCampus courses. Please send your request at least one week before the first week of classes. 

► Poll Everywhere

 If you are planning to use PollEv for grades or attendance, then you need to synchronize your polls with your eCampus course. This will allow you to send grades automatically from PollEv to eCampus. 

► Mediasite

Your eCampus course has access to Mediasite. You have a limit of 10GB for lecture recordings or videos that you can share with your students. 

► Zoom

All students, faculty, and staff have access to a TAMU Zoom Premium account. Go to and login with your NetID credentials to claim and start using your account. 

► Lab computer software

  • STATA /IC15 (Perpetual license for 47 users)
  • SAS 9.4 (licenses in Room 119)
  • ArGIS (More info)
  • Tableau 2019 Free
  • Examplify 

For more information, consult the Office of Academic Affairs 

In order to use these resources, send your request at least one week before starting the semester and until the first week of classes.

Academic Tech Request Form


Customer Support

Academic Technology Support or Ticketing System

eCampus | 979.458.3417 
Zoom/IT | 979.845.8300 
Poll Everywhere 
ExamSoft | 866.429.8889
CoursEval | 716.270.0000
AV (IMS) | 979.845.7720