eCampus is the university-wide learning management system (LMS) used for uploading syllabi, managing grades, and teaching courses either partially or completely online.

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Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a robust web conferencing system that works seamlessly with eCampus (Blackboard Learn) to conduct interactive instruction and meetings of all types and sizes.

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Respondus enables the creation and management of printed and online exams. You can create exams directly within Respondus, import existing exams from word processor files, or pull content from publisher test banks.

Visit the Texas A&M Software Store to download Respondus at no cost. Note: The software licensing expires annually and must be updated.

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Peerceptiv is a cloud-based, double-blind, student peer-to-peer assessment system that integrates with eCampus (Blackboard Learn).

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Poll Everywhere

Polling System used by the School of Public Health that allows you to poll your students using different types of questions.   


LMS Integration

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Mediasite is the university's standardized streaming media system that provides either public or private access to video and audio content. Mediasite integrates with eCampus (Blackboard Learn Learning Management System), and academic content is planned to closely correspond with eCampus courses or any future LMS.

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Turnitin is an online database system designed to help instructors detect plagiarism, track citations, facilitate peer reviews, and provide paperless grading markup in written assignments.

Students can submit papers directly from eCampus (Blackboard Learn) or instructors can use's web-based service if preferred.

If you do not use eCampus or would prefer to use Turnitin through the web, contact Academic Innovation  to request an account to access Turnitin's web-based services.

Note: The university's licensing only covers use by instructors for their TAMU courses.