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We are currently using two Learning Management Systems, Blackboard (eCampus) and Canvas. We are currently transitioning to Canvas, as a student, you will have courses in both, or just one.

Below, you can find the tutorials for faculty, staff, and students. 


eCampus (Blackboard)


Create a course Content Tests Assignments Grades Publish course


Canvas LMS

Check out these resources designed for the School of Public Health faculty and staff


Course management with ORCA- combining courses

Course migration process interactive guide (right-click on the link to save it as PDF)

Tools, options, and features in Canvas

Canvas main tools and where to find them

Academic Integrity when creating an exam in LMS


Syllabus for SPH courses (Undergraduate/ Graduate)

Texas A&M University template in Canvas

Import content from Blackboard into Canvas

Download files from Canvas courses 

Quizzes and activities

Quizzes: types of questions 

Using question banks in Canvas

Make-up tests in Canvas 

Recordings, FERPA, and accessibility

How to weigh the final course grade based on assignments groups

Alternative assessments 

How to view an exam log in Canvas

Canvas Test Analytics

3rd Party Tools

Current 3rd Party Tools in Canvas

Mediasite videos in Canvas (video)

Enabling Mediasite for Canvas

Poll Everywhere in Canvas

Google Drive in Canvas

Proctoring with LockDown Browser in Canvas

Proctoring with Honorlock 

Canvas enrollment

Canvas Roles 

Note: Program admins have access to Compass/Swasect


Grade submission to Howdy from Canvas

Extra credit in Grades

Curve grades

How to import grades in Canvas (csv file)


For more training and support, consult the  TAMU Training and Support Website


Technical Support

3rd Party Tools 

Tool Description

Availability in eCampus/ Blackboard

Ally Ally is a tool that integrates into Canvas that improves the accessibility of course documents and images. Ally evaluate all documents and images that are uploaded to a Canvas course and provides recommended steps needed to improve accessibility of content where it does not comply with accessibility guidelines.  Ally also provide students with multiple formats of the original document so students can select the one that best fits their unique learning needs. Yes/ Yes
Collaborate Ultra Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a robust web conferencing system that works seamlessly with eCampus (Blackboard Learn) to conduct interactive instruction and meetings of all types and sizes. Yes/ No
Google Apps TAMU Google Apps integrates in Canvas through tools such as Assignments, Collaborations, Modules, Course Navigation, and through the Rich Content Editor. This integration allows students and Course Instructors to use, create, share, and collaborate on Google Apps within Canvas. Users can also view their Google Drive files directly in Canvas. No/ Yes
Gradescope Gradescope  is a feedback and assessment tool that reduces the time associated with grading exams, homework, and other assignments. It is widely used for delivering assessments remotely and enables instructors and graders to provide better and more timely feedback, resulting in improved learning outcomes.  
ExamSoft/Examplify ExamSoft administers offline assessments via the installed Examplify application. This enables Exam Takers to utilize their own devices, or utilize Client-provided testing lab devices, when completing assessments, provided that the device meets the defined Minimum System Requirements (“MSRs”). Yes/No
LinkedIn Learning LinkedIn Learning (Coming Soon!) is available to all Texas A&M University students, faculty, and staff (formerly LinkedIn Learning offers thousands of educational videos that can supplement curricula, allowing students to explore concepts at their own pace. LinkedIn Learning content can be added to your Canvas course or otherwise shared to make linking to courses and videos easier. Course Instructors can also explore LinkedIn Learning courses to learn new teaching techniques and strategies. Coming Soon
Wiris MathType Wiris MathType provides Course Instructors the ability to type and handwrite mathematical notation directly in the Rich Content Editor in Canvas.  
Mediasite Mediasite is the university's standardized streaming media system that provides either public or private access to video and audio content. Mediasite allows Course Instructors the ability to record, upload, share, and view video content in any Canvas course. The combined power of Canvas with Mediasite means all your videos have a central secure home benefiting from Mediasite’s in-video search, engagement tools, and viewership stats. Yes/ No
Office 365
TAMU Office 365 integrates in Canvas and connects to your One Drive account to add files to Assignments, Modules, and Course Navigation through the Rich Content Editor. Office 365 allows students and instructors to collaborate, create, and share documents and files within Canvas. Users can also view their One Drive directly from Canvas through the course navigation menu.
Peerceptiv Peerceptiv®  a research-validated peer assessment technology, creates a virtuous cycle of feedback in your classroom that improves writing and critical thinking skills. This online peer assessment tool allows students to receive quick and actionable feedback from their peers to improve their writing.  

Respondus 4.0 ®  is a tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, Moodle, and other learning systems. Exams can be created offline using a familiar Windows environment, or moved between different learning systems. 

Respondus Monitor builds upon Respondus LockDown Browser, using a student’s webcam and video analytics to prevent cheating during exams.

Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within the learning management system.

Yes/ Yes

Peerceptiv Peerceptiv is a cloud-based, double-blind, student peer-to-peer assessment system that integrates with eCampus (Blackboard Learn). Yes/No
Poll Everywhere Polling System used by the School of Public Health that allows you to poll your students using different types of questions. No/ No
Portfolium Portfolium is a space where students can showcase their achievements to potential employers and connect with other Folio users. Folios not only display tangible examples of students' work, they provide proof of competence and skill mastery. Any student with a Canvas login can create a free Folio for life—they can kick it off in high school or college and continually update it with the relevant experience they gain over the course of their careers. No/ Yes
Turnitin Turnitin is an online database system designed to help instructors detect plagiarism, track citations, facilitate peer reviews, and provide paperless grading markup in written assignments. Students can submit papers directly from eCampus (Blackboard Learn) or instructors can use's web-based service if preferred. If you do not use eCampus or would prefer to use Turnitin through the web, contact Academic Innovation to request an account to access Turnitin's web-based services. Note: The university's licensing only covers use by instructors for their TAMU courses. Yes/ Yes
Zoom ZOOM is a video-first communication tool that integrates into Canvas to support hybrid delivery, virtual office hours, meetings, and chat. ZOOM Meetings may be integrated into a Canvas course through the Announcement, Module, or Calendar tools. Yes/ Yes