Troubleshooting and FAQ

These tips are provided to help solve the most common types of problems encountered in Adobe Connect.

Best Browser for Adobe Connect
Solution: Recommend using Firefox browser

Adobe Connect room appears to freeze
Solution: Quit Adobe Connect and log back in to refresh the connection.

Sound cuts out entirely
:  Close the Adobe Connect session and your browser. Then reopen both to join the session.

Your sound is cutting in and out
:  This is a connection speed issue.
Solution:  Use a wired internet connection, or try to work as close to the wireless router as you can.  Make sure you have set your connection speed in Adobe Connect to the type of connection you are using.

There is loud feedback
Cause:  Someone whose microphone is on is listening to the session on their speakers, and the sound from the speakers is picked up by their microphone, causing feedback.
Solution:  Wear headsets/headphones/earbuds, and turn off speakers. Your instructor might disable your microphone access if loud feedback continues to cause problems.

Your microphone is not working
Solution:  Be sure your microphone is plugged in BEFORE you log in to Adobe Connect.  Otherwise, quit Adobe Connect, plug in your microphone, and log in again. Be sure you click “Allow” when you get a popup asking for permission for Adobe Connect to access your microphone. When you're in an Adobe Connect session, do the Audio Setup Wizard, under the (EMeetings' menu, in the (EManage My Settings' submenu.  The most important part is Step 2, where you pick a microphone from a list.  Make sure you select the right microphone.  If your microphone is not listed, you need to restart your computer with the microphone connected.  If after a restart it is still not listed, you might need to install drivers for your microphone. You can access the Audio Setup Wizard at any time in an open classroom that will be provided by your instructor. Make sure that your microphone and audio headset works with your computer when you are not logged in to Adobe Connect. If it does not, and you can't hear the audio and/or can't be heard when you speak into the microphone, try this (for Windows):

  • Right-click on the little speaker icon that's in the lower-right corner of the screen, near the clock.
  • Select "Adjust Audio Properties."
  • In the window that pops up, click on the "Audio" tab.
  • On that page, under "Sound Playback" and "Sound Recording", see what the options are in the drop-down box and see if changing the defaults will fix the problem.

You can not get Adobe Connect to load correctly
:  You need to try another browser, or install the newest version of Flash from A short-term fix is for you to load the Adobe Connect from within the browser.

You can’t log in to Adobe Connect
: You do not log in. You sign in a guest. Please always enter your real name when you enter the room. Adobe Connect keeps record of all names that are entered.