Student Travel

Student Travel on SPH Unrestricted Student-related Gift Funds or Other Non-state Student Accounts

Only students employed (state employment) by the SPH or the Texas A&M HSC may travel on official business with state funds.  Students not employed by the SPH or the Texas A&M HSC cannot be reimbursed with state funds for travel.  Non-state employed students are reimbursed for their travel expenses by using a purchase voucher with unrestricted gift funds or another unrestricted account that allows for student travel.  The SPH does not pay a per diem for meals for students.  Students are required to submit all receipts within state guidelines for expenses for which they wish to be reimbursed.

If student travel (examples would be field trips, competitions or conferences) is required for a class, the specific class number must be documented and is not subject to Financial Aid approval.  If travel is solely for the student’s benefit, payment must be routed through Texas A&M HSC Office of Financial Aid as this would qualify as a scholarship award, and must be accounted for in the federal aid calculations for disbursement of Title IV federal aid according to Department of Education regulations.

In order to equitably distribute a limited pool of non-state travel funds in support of appropriate student travel, resources will be distributed quarterly.  Deadlines for SPH student travel requests are: January 31st, March 31st, June 30th and September 30th.  Requests for student travel funds must be made prior to the travel through the student’s Department Head.  Requests submitted should include need/purpose/intent/benefit to the SPH and the student.  This request, if approved by the Department Head, will be forwarded to the Head of SPH Office of Business Affairs within seven days of receipt to determine if the requested expenditure is allowable according to State Disbursement Rules.  A committee consisting of the leaders of the Student Leadership Council, the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Academic Affairs, and the Office of Business Affairs (or their designees) will review the requests and make a recommendation to the Dean.  The Dean may or may not approve the request in part or full.

Approval of student travel requests will be based on:

    1. Funds available

    2. Purpose of the travel

    3. Presentation or participation in a conference or meeting

    4. Benefit to the SPH

    5. Benefit to the student

    6. Prior approval for travel (no more than one approval/student/academic year)

If a student is traveling by Texas A&M HSC vehicle please see Texas A&M HSC policy 13.04.Z1 “Student Travel in Health Science Center Vehicles”.