Student Health and Immunizations

The student health insurance policy exists to ensure that a student health insurance plan approved by The Texas A&M University System (system) is made available to all students and to ensure that all international students are covered either through one of these plans or an alternative equivalent plan.  SPH students are encouraged to purchase health insurance.


Students that are citizens or permanent residents of the United States will be offered a Texas A&M System approved group health insurance plan  to supplement the health services that is under the group hospital and medical services fee.  The plan includes optional coverage for students’ dependents

All international students (students who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States) are required to be covered under the System Student Health Insurance Plan (SSHIP) or have equivalent insurance coverage as described below.  This includes such persons who are attending intensive English language programs.

3.1    International students who are not employed in graduate assistant positions entitling them to coverage under the system employee group health insurance program must be enrolled in SSHIP.  This requirement will be waived for international students who can produce evidence that they hold equivalent insurance coverage from other sources or international students whose government or agency sponsor requires a special type of coverage.  Equivalent coverage can be loosely described as coverage similar to the SSHIP or other nationally recognized programs.  However, there may still be federal regulations governing specific visa types that must be met.

3.2    International students who are employed in graduate assistant positions are entitled to employee group coverage.  If they enroll under the system employee group health insurance program, they are not required to enroll in SSHIP.  Those enrolling in the graduate student plan option will have coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation under that plan.  Those who choose an alternate employee group plan are required to enroll in a stand-alone policy option under the SSHIP that provides medical evacuation and repatriation coverage, or they must produce evidence that they hold equivalent coverage from other sources.

3.3    International students are required to provide proof of coverage, via the designated procedures, for each semester in which they are enrolled.  Those who are not covered under SSHIP by virtue of the waiver provisions described above shall notify the system member CEO or designee of any lapse in alternative coverage.