Miscellaneous Student Complaint

The School of Public Health is committed to providing a learning environment for its students in which complaints are responded to in a prompt and fair manner.  To this end the school and institution have developed policies and procedures addressing specific kinds of complaints that are in keeping with state and federal law and Texas A&M University System Policies and Regulations.  Moreover, the institutional catalog and school policy manual provides for a number of complaint processes that are unique to the various schools/colleges. 

This policy specifically addresses any miscellaneous complaints that do not fall into the categories specified below and that are not articulated elsewhere in the Texas A&M University System Policies and Regulations, Texas A&M HSC Guidelines and the Texas A&M HSC Catalog.

Policies and procedures exist for the following types of complaints and are not covered by this policy:

      1. Complaints regarding academic or disciplinary matters.

      2. Complaints regarding professional conduct.

      3. Complaints regarding discrimination.

      4. Complaints regarding sexual harassment.

      5. Complaints regarding student records.

      6. Complaints regarding grades or grading.

      7. Complaints regarding financial aid issues.


Miscellaneous complaints will be handled according to the nature of the complaint and processes used to administer resolution and reporting. 

Informal Process.  A process that provides for informal resolution of complaints/grievances through consultation with the faculty, staff, or administrator directly responsible for the initial action or decision at the school/college/TAMHSC level before pursuing a more formal process.  No reporting of informal process complaints is required.

Formal Process.  A formal process is to be utilized when the complainant is not satisfied with attempts to informally resolve an issue and believes a more formal adjudication is warranted.  In cases where a formal process is required to receive and review a student complaint the student will submit a written complaint to SPH Office of Academic Affairs by using the Official Student Complaint Form submission process.  The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will determine the process for complaint resolution and may delegate responsibility, take on the oversight process her/himself, or use the existing Grievance Committee structure to resolve the conflict.  Student complaints considered under the formal process will receive written notification of investigation and outcome within (10) business days.

 Appeal Process.
*should refer to appeals policy


The Office of Academic Affairs or a designee will maintain a database of formal process complaints and appeals submitted including the complaint, pertinent dates, and final resolution.