A student's grade in every course in the curriculum of the SPH shall be based upon performance, professional behavior and/or participation in class or practicum, laboratory work, examinations, and other activities as may be applicable to that course.  The faculty member administering the course shall determine the proportionate weight assigned to each factor.  The basis upon which the final grade will be determined shall be included in the course syllabus.

A Excellent 4 grade points per credit hour
B Good 3 grade points per credit hour
C Average 2 grade points per credit hour
D Below Average 1 grade point per credit hour
F Failure no grade points 0 grade point per credit hour
I Incomplete no grade points *Please see note below.
S Satisfactory no grade points  
U Unsatisfactory no grade points  
IP In Progress no grade points  
W Withdrawal no grade points  

SPH EC approved (June 2012) to have the “Reverts to F after one calendar year” replaced with:


Letter grade of “I” will revert to an “F” after the last day of class on the next long semester (fall or spring).  If an “I” is given in a fall term the student will have until the last day of class of the subsequent spring term, and if a student receives an “I” in a spring term he/she will have until the last day of class of the next subsequent fall term to complete course requirements.  A faculty member can submit a grade change form at any time to address the “I” given the above scenarios.


Distribution of Grades and Student Privacy

Students’ grades (or graded papers/exams) are not to be posted or accessible in public spaces (e.g., posted in a hallway or office door, left in student mailbox if unsecured).  Graded papers or exams are not to be given to anyone other than directly to the student (unless provided expressed written consent by the student). 


A list of grades may be provided electronically to students IF the following conditions are met:

      1. the student is identified only by a unique identification number known only to the student and the professor (this number cannot be the student’s SS# , the last 4 digits of the SS#, or the student’s birthday)

      2. if there are fewer than 10 students in the class, the instructor must populate the grade list with “pseudo” numbers and grades such that at least 10 “students” and grades are posted

      3. the grade list must not be arranged in alphabetical order by either student first or last name

      4. grades must be distributed electronically only through the official Texas A&M School of Public Health email system and accounts (e.g., GroupWise accounts) and

      5. there must be no way that other students in the class can see who is on the e-mail distribution list (thus, the message should be blind copied – BC – to everyone)