Research Related Travel Reimbursement

All research related travel is subject to the Texas A&M University HSC “Guidelines for Disbursement of Funds”, the Texas A&M University HSC “Travel Voucher Preparation” procedures, and Texas A&M University HSC guideline 25.02.01.Z1 “Travel Expenditures”, and Texas A&M System Regulation 25.02.01 and System Policy 25.02.


    1. All faculty members authorized to travel on research projects must adhere to the above noted Health Science Center and Texas A&M System Policies, Rules and Regulations involving leave requests completed in advance, travel advance resources, and reimbursement procedures.  In all instances, the PI will serve as the institutional validity check on travel leave requests and reimbursement requests.

    2. In the event that the PI is traveling on her or his research project, the PI’s department head’s signature before it is forwarded to the Research Foundation or Health Science Center Office of Research and Graduate Studies for reimbursement.

    3. In cases where the PI is also the department head, the SPH Research Dean may co-sign for reimbursement requests.

Authorization and Reimbursement Forms