Research Server

The SPH Research Virtual Server provides secure storage space for certain project data stemming from externally funded research and other sponsored activities.  Server space allocations and utilization are managed and monitored by The SPH Office of Research, in collaboration with the Texas A&M HSC Office of Institutional Technology (OIT), to ensure the efficient use of resources and limit excess unused capacity.  Server maintenance and support is managed by OIT.  SPH Principal Faculty and staff needing virtual storage space must obtain advance approval from the SPH Associate Dean for Research prior to volume assignment and allocation.  Appeals regarding the allocation and assignment are sent to the SPH Dean for review and final decision with a copy to the SPH Office of Research.



SPH Principal Faculty and staff should contact the SPH OIT representative and/or Associate Dean for Research regarding research server needs.  Requests are handled on a case by case basis based on storage need considerations as described below and availability of resources.  It is possible the specific data is not appropriate for storage on the virtual server and OIT and the Office of Research will work with the investigator to identify possible alternatives including storage on other secure servers or on a work computer with appropriate encryption and storage backup.