Protection of Human Subjects and Institutional Review

The School of Public Health recognizes that persons involved in the conduct of human subjects research must be cognizant of the importance of protecting the rights and welfare of human subject research participants.  All research conducted at the SPH must comply with all Federal and Texas A&M University System, and Texas A&M University Health Science Center policies and regulations and policies concerning the protection of human subjects.

 To further the recognition of this principle and in accordance with The Texas A&M University System Policy 15.99.01 [Use of Human Participants in Research] and to prevent any unnecessary delays in project initiation, account establishment, release of funds, and research expenditures  the School has adopted the following procedures:



 All principal and research faculty working on research projects or thesis/dissertation research committees, staff and students are required to complete the CITI protection of human subjects course.  Implementation of this requirement is defined below:

    1. Effective September 1, 2012, all new students must complete the CITI protection of  human subjects course and submit a copy of the certificate of completion to the Office of Student Affairs prior to matriculation. 

    2. Any student, including non-SPH students, engaged in human subjects research, including research related to a practicum experience, must complete the CITI protection of human subjects course prior to engaging in research involving human subjects.

    3. If a student is engaged in research funded by the National Science Foundation, completion of the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training is also required.  A copy of the completion certificate should be sent to the Principal Investigator.  CITI training in protection of human subjects must be renewed every two years; RCR training does not expire.  Both trainings are available at

    4. Effective September 1, 2012, all faculty are required to provide evidence of current certification in protection of human subjects will be presented at each faculty’s annual evaluation.  If a SPH faculty member fails to provide evidence of CITI training in the annual evaluation document or in the subsequent in-person review, the Department Head will indicate the omission in a cover note and notify the Associate Dean for Research, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Dean for follow-up.