SPH Indirect Rate Approvals

In accordance with TAMHSC System Guidelines TAMHSC Internal Guideline 15.01.01.Z1.01, facilities and overhead costs (also termed indirect costs or overhead) are a necessary and integral element of the overall research project and a benefit to the Texas A&M University HSC.  These costs serve to support the project’s overhead and contribute substantively to research, education, and outreach efforts across The University System as a whole.  Therefore, investigators are required to include the maximum indirect rate allowed in proposal budgets.  The School of Public Health recognizes there are occasions in which either the funder requires a lower indirect than the standard university approved full rate or the investigator may need to request a lower indirect due to certain extenuating circumstances.  These requests for waivers of the maximum indirect must be submitted in advance of the proposal submission to the SPH Office of Research.  Each request is subject to final approval by the Health Science Center’s Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies.


    1. Projects with very low rates.  Certain funders have established indirect rate allowances that are lower than the Texas A&M University’s full on-campus indirect rate.  The funder’s rate is generally clearly prescribed in the program announcement, request for proposal, or request for application.  In these instances, a copy of the indirect rate clause should be submitted to the SPH Office of Research as soon as the investigator decides to submit a proposal.  The SPH Office of Research notifies the Texas A&M HSC Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies who must approve of the rates.

    2. Requested by Principal Investigator.  From time to time, an investigator may request a lower than standard indirect rate approval.  In these instances, a full justification for the request is submitted to the SPH Office of Research as soon as possible.  The justification should fully outline why the lower indirect is necessary.  The Office of Research is then responsible for communicating the request with full justification to the Health Science Center’s Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies.  Any request for reduced or waived indirects must be submitted two weeks in advance of the proposal due date.