Centers and Programs: Reporting Requirements


Centers, Institutes and Programs are reviewed on a regular basis to monitor progress toward stated goals and objectives and continued viability.  The schedule of reviews is outlined in Table 1.

Procedure for Center and Institute Review

Centers and Institutes:  Pursuant to Texas A&M HSC Guideline 11.02.99.Z1.01, each Center and Institute is reviewed every five years by the Texas A&M HSC Vice President for Research.  In addition, each Center and Institute must submit an annual report to the SPH Office of Research which addresses the items listed in Table 2.  Copies of Center/Institute annual reports to their respective funding agencies may be submitted to the Office of Research in lieu of a separate report.  In the event reportable items that are listed in Table 2 are not included in the agency/funder specific report, those items should be provided to the Office of Research as an attachment.

Procedure for Program Review

Programs:  Each program is required to submit an annual report to the SPH Office of Research.  The format of the annual report to the Office of Research is outlined in Table 2.  Periodic reviews should be undertaken at least every five years to make recommendations concerning the continuation/discontinuation of approved SPH Programs.  In the event a Program fails to submit an annual report within 12 months of the completion of the prior calendar year, the Program Director and Department are contacted.  If a report is subsequently not submitted in a timely basis thereafter, a review is undertaken.

Program periodic reviews will be organized by the SPH Office of Research and conducted by the SPH Research Committee. 

The review will include an assessment of the following areas:

    • Significance of the mission, goals, and objectives of the Program how it fits into the mission of SPH and Texas A&M HSC;
    • Effectiveness of the Program in meeting the established Program goals and objectives;
    • Appropriateness of the administrative structure, including the director, and the reporting line(s);
    • Products (publications, presentations);
    • Financial status;
    • Strategic plan, including financial projections;
    • Recommendation on continuation/discontinuation;
    • Outcomes of the review process

Recommendations based on the reviews will be presented by the Research Dean to the Executive Council for further evaluation and action.


Table 1: Centers, Institutes and Programs Reporting Requirements



Reporting Term

Report Due Date


Submit to:



progress report

Prior CY

(Jan- Dec)


Table 2 template

SPH Office of Research

Programs every  5 years

5 year report review

Prior 5 CY


Compilation of prior 5 year reports

SPH Office of Research


Centers, Institutes

Yearly progress report

Prior CY



Table 2 format or Funding Agency Format

SPH Office of Research and TAMHSC

Center every 5 years

5 year report

Prior 5 CY


HSC 5 years report format/site visit

SPH Office of Research and TAMHSC

Table 2:  Texas A&M HSC Program Report Template

    1. Period Covered by report (CY/FY):
    2. Center/Program Name:
    3. Director:
    4. Program/Center Overview:
    5. Summary of Fiscal Year Activities (highlights, milestones):
    6. Current Funding Sources:
    7. Funding Prospects/Targets:
    8. Policy Implications:
    9. Population Implications:
    10. Rural Implications:
    11. Outreach Implications:
    12. Community Involvement:
    13. Instructional Implications:
    14. Student Involvement:
    15. Resource Needs/Concerns:
    16. Products: