MD/MPH Dual Degree Program

The MD/MPH Dual Degree Program at the Texas A&M HSC College of Medicine and the Texas A&M School of Public Health is designed for students who wish to pursue a medical career that incorporates both public health and medicine.  The MD/MPH Program is available only to students who have earned a baccalaureate degree and have already been accepted by the  College of Medicine (COM).  Admission in the MD/MPH program is based on the undergraduate GPA, the MCAT score, a career statement and letters of recommendation.  To receive the MD/MPH combined degree, students must fulfill all requirements for graduation from both schools before the graduation deadline. 

While students develop MD/MPH competencies specific to both their medical and public health curricula, the MD/MPH students graduate from the MD/MPH program with the ability to use educational experiences in the College of Medicine to apply population-based and public health findings and principles in assessing individuals and groups at risk of disease and injury and to translate these findings and principles into recommendations and actions for improved health in clinical practice settings.

School of Public Health Requirements and Competencies

In addition to completing their College of Medicine curriculum, MD/MPH combined degree students must also complete the following requirements:

    1. Required core and discipline-specific courses in the School of Public  Health (45 SCHs)

    2. Practicum

    3. Culminating experience

    4. Additional departmental requirements: each department has specific requirements for discipline-specific and elective courses and the culminating experience.  In some cases, departments may have additional requirements that students should verify with their SPH department.

Students should verify all requirements with their SPH department and should make contact with their advisors each semester to verify their progress toward their degrees.